Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Darsh asking police to arrest Charmi. She insists him to see her love, while Nandini rebukes Charmi for killing Gunjan. Whereas, Toral comes towards them being properly dressed up. She goes near Vipul and ask about her baby. She recognises Rajvi and questions what is she doing here? Everyone gets shocked, while Vipul and Rajvi becomes worried seeing that she regained her memory. She addresses Vipul as her husband, whereas Nandini tries to correct her.

Here, Vipul was about to say a lie for Toral’s child, but Rajvi stops him and reveals that Darsh is Toral’s baby. Everyone becomes dumbstruck, while Toral caresses Darsh’s face. Nandini says that Rajvi is only Darsh’s mother, while latter remains silent. Darsh goes away from there after hearing the truth, while Rajvi cries.

Vipul reveals the story behind Toral and says that her family hides about her mental problem. He states that Toral had some serious mental issues and she even used to hurt others without realising. He proclaims that he took her to the hospitals and even abroad for her treatment but nothing worked. He continues that she even used to cause danger to Darsh, and is affected by train sound because she lost her parents in it. Keshav states that he asked Rajvi’s father for Vipul and got them married as Darsh needed someone.

Elsewhere, Vipul makes Darsh understand about how Rajvi took care of him and their family. He praises her saying that she handled everything smoothly and even make their business sucessful. He tells Darsh that she never differentiated in between Darsh and Shobhit, meanwhile even loved Darsh more then her other childrens.

Darsh goes to visit Toral, while Rajvi and Vipul also stands there. Rajvi requests Darsh not to hate her and was about to go away, when he stops her and cries hugging her. He states that she is only his mother and shows his gratitude towards her for loving him unconditionally.

Ahead, Toral gets emotional seeing their bond and comes in between them. She thanks Rajvi for looking after Darsh and ask him to always take care of Rajvi. She states that their house is not for her, but she will keep visiting them. She caresses Darsh’s face and says that he is lucky to get a mother like Rajvi. They all gets sentimental, while Toral leaves from there.

Darsh and Nandini spends some romantic time. He praises her and says that how his life changed after meeting her. She also confesses her love for him and both spends some quality time. Nandini teases him, while he tingles her. They both laughs and says that now everything will get fine in their life.

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Further, Nandini suddenly gets fainted. Darsh becomes worried and takes her to the doctor. Later, everyone gets concerned for Nandini and ask about her health. Meanwhile, Darsh, Nandini and Vini shows them cards stating that they are going to be 10 members. Shobhit gets confused and replies that they are 9 members, to which Darsh reveals that Nandini is pregnant. Everyone gets elated and celebrates the news. Rajvi goes to call Toral informing about it, while Darsh and Nandini smiles looking at each other “Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha plays.”

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