Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Raghav says to Pallavi it’s all his past and he don’t have any feelings for Esha and she is her present and future. Pallavi tells Raghav that she know that and she is not having any doubt. Then they both hugs each other. Pallavi then says to Raghav that Esha already affected his life a time. She also tells that he needs this deal so let’s not affect Esha’s presence. He needs to think emotionally not practically. Raghav tells Pallavi after what he did he don’t think Mr.Dasari will accept this so he has to find another business partner. Sunny comes to the house and says to Keerti that he booked a new house which will be ready in a nine months and he needs to do lots of work for that so asks her to not to disturb him.

 Keerti hugs Sunmy happily then when Sunny tells her that he will make her favorite pasta and asks her to take rest. Keerti agrees and leaves the place. Sunny says that he is not stupid yo listen to Keerti’s words and leave this house. He will make sure that this house becomes his. Pallavi goes to meet Mr.Dasari who gets surprised and asks her to come in then asks her the reason behind her visiting his office. Later Vijay brings sweet box to RR mansion. Pallavi asks him the reason to which Vijay tells that Raghav gets a new order. Pallavi gets happy saying Mr.Dasari agreed to the business deal so it’s a double celebration for them. Keerti and Sunny comes there. Keerti hugs Pallavi and congratulates her also oraised her saying it’s not possible without her. Sunny wonders what happened to.Keerti all of sudden he asks the same to her but Keerti takes him inside saying that she will tell him. Vijay congratulates Raghav. Raghav thanks him. Vijay asks permission to leave a little earlier. Pallavi says to Vijay that he dont have to ask permission like this then Vijay leaves the house.

Pallavi tells Raghav that Mr.Dasari agreed for the deal. Farhad comes there and informs Raghav that he received a call from Mr.Dasari who is ready to sign the deal papers. He further tells Raghav to let Pallavi handle the business deals or else take advices from her because it will be benefit for them. Pallavi smiles. Raghav tells that he will agree to take advice from Pallavi but under one condition and that is Pallavi has to change his name in her mobile from Gamandi Rao to some cute name. Pallavi refuses saying that she didnt saved his name as Gamandi Rao so Raghav asks Pallavi her mobile. Pallavi refuses to give it then when finally Raghav takes the mobile from her and shows Farhad his name she stored in her mobile as Gamandi Rao.

Pallavi says it’s her mobile so she will do whatever she wants to. Farhad asks Pallavi to change Raghav’s name which will benefit her the most so Pallavi agrees and changes Raghav’s name in her mobile. She then tells Raghav that he needs to listen to her always. Mr.Dasari informs Esha that Pallavi asked him not to accept her resignation letter also convinced him for the deal so he is not accepting her resignation letter. He also tells Esha that she wanted an intern right for that he gave an advertisement she will get one. Esha thanks Mr.Dasari.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Sunny gets upset when Keerti tells him that she dont want to be alone and she is tired of the blame game she wanted to give her child a happy family so she reconciled her relationship with Pallavi. Sunny thinks that he has to something before something worse happens to him. Sulochana and Mamsi comes from shopping and asks Amruta why she didnt to which Amruta tells that she is applying job also applied for Mr.Dasari’s office too. Sulochana tells after that they will look for a good guy and fix her marriage. Amruta asks Sulochana what if she wants to live independent she also tells that Pallavi is also like that only. Sulochana scolds Amruta and calls Pallavi as their enemy but Vijay comes there and tells Amruta to do what she wants and if she wants to become like Pallavi his support is with her and no one do anything. Sulochana gets upset. Amruta and Milind geys happy.

Esha goes to meet Pallavi in the shop but Pallavi ignores her. Esha thanks Pallavi for getting her job back. Pallavi says to Esha that she dont want to talk to someone selfish like her who didn’t think about the person who she hurt the most and moved on in her life. She may not have any personal grudges towards her but her selfishness is something which she can’t accept so asks her to not to talk to her. She also tells that Raghav’s reaction seeing her now she understands. She then takes Esha’s mobile and leaves the place.

Raghav drinks the fruit juice and complaints about it. He learns Pallavi is not in the house yet so he sends a message saying that he can’t able concentrate on his work without her being by his side. He gets a reply which confuses Raghav and when he finally demands an I love you he receives a me too message which makes Raghav happy and asks Pallavi to come to the house fast. Pallavi comes to the house and when Raghav tells her about the romantic chat he had with her she gets confused and then realises that her mobile got exchanged. Esha comes there. Raghav gets shocked seeing Esha who recalls how she sent the message to Raghav then deleted it. Raghav looks angry. Esha tells that her mobile got exchanged with Pallavi’s. Pallavi thinks about earlier words and wonders what did Raghav sent and what Esha replied to him.


Raghav tells that Pallavi is right money can fulfill the needs of life but to to live a life they need love. Pallavi buys a gift for Raghav. Raghav tells today he will put his Ego in his pocket and won’t behave as a Egoistic person. Pallavi goes to meet Raghav. Raghav gifts Esha the gift. Pallavi sees that and gets hurt.

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