Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Gehna asks them to untie her and she gets afraid seeing shock treatment equipments. They are about to give shock to her but Siddharth who looks like Anant stops them. Gehna smiles seeing him ( Tere liye song plays in the background ). She calls Siddharth as Anant. He asks her to not misunderstand and scolds others for treating Gehna like that. He tells Gupta that he studied Gehna’s report and it’s just a mild trauma so why they are giving shock treatment to her. He unties Gehna and talks about Gupta’s suspension.

Gehna tells Siddharth that she knows that he will return and she told everyone that he saved her but no one believed her and he is back so everyone will believe her now. He asks her to stop calling him as Anant because he is not Anant. He introduces himself as Doctor Siddharth. She refuses to believe him saying that he is her Anant only.

She is about to hug him but he stops her and tells her that he will give medicines to her and asks her to take them properly and return to home after recovering completely and leaves from there. She follows him and asks him that why he is behaving like this. He tells her to go inside. She asks him to tell the truth to her. He asks her that is she planning to run away from the hosptial using him and asks her to not waste his time.

Two ladies holds Gehna and asks her to return the jewels. Gehna tries to stop him and he scolds her for ruining his car. She asks him to save her from those ladies. He tells her to fight for herself saying that he don’t interfere in ladies matter. He asks her about her guts. Gehna tells those ladies that she didn’t stole their jewels and asks them to catch the real culprit. They pushes Gehna and Gehna’s head hits on Siddharth’s car and she loses her consciousness. He holds her before she falls down.

Paresh tells Desai’s that everyone searching Gehna. Jamuna feels like Anant returned and opens the door. Tiya and Hema takes her inside. Siddharth brings Gehna there. Everyone shocks seeing Siddharth with Gehna. Then Jamuna smiles seeing Siddharth. He puts Gehna on the sofa and she regains her consciousness.

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Jamuna calls Siddharth as Anant and kisses him. She thanks God for bringing her son to her and hugs him. Praful also hugs him. Siddharth tells them that Anant is back to his family and it was really hard for him to stay away from them and then starts laughing which confuses others.

He asks them that did they finished their emotional drama and tells them that seems like everyone is mad like Gehna. He mocks Jamuna which surprises everyone. He taunts Kanak. Pankaj asks him that what happened to him. Siddharth asks Krishna that what’s happening here. Jamuna goes to bring Anant’s picture. Siddharth leaves the house. Kanak wonders that who is he who looks like Anant.

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