Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Ashwini comes to meet Sai, she cries by looking at her condition. Ashwini remembers that yesterday she told that all the problems will disappear. She tells that she didn’t know about her decision, she would have scolded Virat but didn’t let her go. Pakhi cares for Virat she thinks that he didn’t had anything, so she takes two green tea meanwhile Samrat come and questions her for whom she is taking these. She says it’s for you, they sit together and have.

Samrat says that Devyani is not fine, she is more disturbed by the incident. Samrat says that he is not expressive like Virat. She tells him all fingers are not equal. He then ask her that does she like green tea because she always drink coffee. Pakhi tries to hide the truth that she took it for Virat, Samrat doubts her.

Pulkit scolds Virat he informs him that all family members are allowed to meet Sai, except him. Pulkit tells him not to create any trouble for them otherwise she will complaints the staff and they will throw him out. Virat tells to Pulkit that he didn’t want to see Sai, as Sai didn’t want him to come.

Pulkit tells that he knows it very well that Sai doesn’t want to meet him. Virat tells Pulkit that it’s nothing like that he doesn’t want to see her but until Sai doesn’t want him to meet he will not meet her. He tells that she had taken such big decision without telling him. Pulkit says that he told her not to take such decision but nothing happens to the family that’s why she took this decision.

Ninad ask Palkhi about Sai. She tells that what you people will do there. All members shows concern for Sai. Shivani ask her why she came back. Palki says just to show her she is concern she cannot stay at the hospital full day. Palkhi says this is reward she will get staying at the hospital. Palkhi tries to justify herself. Shivani says that she will again go back. Shivani says that when Devyani was crying she didn’t even stopped her.

Palkhi says that Devyani doesn’t like her. Sonali supports Palkhi, Shivani says that then why she went to the hospital to make Virat happy. She says that whatever they want to think can think. Omkar stops Shivani to blame Palkhi. Shivani taunts Omkar, Palkhi says that Bahwani also wants to go to hospital where is she?

Virat says that Sai thinks so much about his family. He says that she was sacrificing so much for them. He says that his family didn’t even accepted her. Virat says that she is fighting a war, he has just touched the death bed. Her condition is still not good. Virat thinks that if he shows his face to her.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Ashwini comes and informs him that Sai is in bad condition. Virat says that he will not go, Ashwini ask him not to punish himself so hard. Pulkit saya that he knows everything about Sai. The misunderstanding between Sai and Virat is due to Palkhi only. Pulkit tells that Palkhi husband is back still she is with Virat, he blames her for everything. Virat says that he doesn’t care what she does, hos concern is only Sai. Ashwini ask him to watch Sai from outside and not to punish himself. Virat sees Sai, he feels helpless for her condition.

Precap- Ashwini informs Virat taht he can meet Sai, as she wants to meet him. Virat meets Sai and ask her how she is? He doubts that due to accident had she lost her voice?

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