Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Sirat thinking she will not spare Mukesh. There, Kartik’s health deteriorate. Manish worry about Kartik and asks doctor to diagnose him fast. Doctor send Kartik for some tests and asks Manish to give him some time.

Otherside, Sirat reveals to authority about how Mukesh didn’t give her proper training. She  show Mukesh’s video to the federation. Mukesh defend himself. Sirat asks girls out there to tell to the authority that Mukesh use to trouble her purposely. Girls out there refuse to support Sirat out of fear.

Here, Manish worry for Kartik. Kartik says he is fine. Manish says to Kartik he can feel his pain. Doctor inform Kartik is going through severe internal bleeding and he needs to undergo surgery soon. Manish and Kartik panic. Kartik says to Manish that he is good. He asks Doctor to give him medicine.

There, Sirat fight against Mukesh. She adds girls are scared because they are worrying for their career. Federation officer asks girl not to worry as their career will not be affected. They asks girls to tell the truth. Otherside, doctor asks operation need to be done soon.

Kartik apologize to Manish. He says to him that he lied he is well but he is in pain. Kartik says he wish to live for his family and kids. Mainsh assure Kartik. He further says he will inform Goenkas. Kartik asks Manish not to tell Sirat anything. Swarna and others learn about Kartik’s health condition. They decide to visit hospital without wasting time.

Other side, Sirat proved Mukesh guilty. Girls support Sirat. Federation suspended Mukesh. Sirat decide to give good news to Kartik post her match. She worry for Kartik. At hospital, Goenkas visit Kartik. They encourage Kartik.

Kartik hide a note from Gonekas. Kairav talk with Kartik and asks him not to worry as if he will not be there than he will take care of Akshu and Aarohi. Akshu call ‘papa’. Kartik gets happy hearing Akshu. Sirat plays her match and wait for Kartik’s cal’.

Mukesh visit the same hospital post learning that Sonu is not well. He further learn about Kartik’s operation. He also learn that Sirat is clueless about. He hatch a plan and inform Arwind about the same. Arwind stands stunned. Sirat worry about Kartik.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Furthermore, Kartik undergoes surgery. He give a note to doctor and says in case anything happen to him than he should handover it to Sirat. His operation start. Doctor asks Goenkas to arrange the blood as Kartik is going through a blood loss.

Kairav asks doctor to take his blood. Manish asks Kairav not to worry as he will do something. Sirat learns about Kartik’s condition in the middle of the match. [Episode Ends]


Kartik asks Sirat about her match. Sirat cries. Kartik decodes Sirat skipped the match to visit him.

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