Imlie 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Aditya asking Imlie why she hasn’t got ready for college. Imlie says that she took off as the ladies of this house are made a plan to pamper themselves. She mispronounces the word pampers, so Aditya has difficulty to understand it in the beginning. He understands it when imlie explains. Aparna comes and asks Imlie about the plan. Imlie says that all the ladies will enjoy without doing any work.

Aparna finds it as a good idea since Malini can rest too. Imlie asks Aditya to leave. Aditya asks Imlie to pronounce the word pamper correctly first. Imlie says good bye. Rupali asks him to not come before evening and says bye. Aditya leaves. Malini comes and asks where Aditya is. Taiji asks Malini to rest as doctor instructed her, but Mallini wants to go as it’s time for students internship application.

Imlie says that it starts from the next day, so she didn’t go. She makes Malini to sit saying to rest. Aparna says to Malini to forget about going to the college. Malini agrees and thinks that Imlie stopped her from going to the college with Aditya and showed to the family she cares for her. She stays back today, but she won’t do it everyday.

Anu is playing cards with her friends. Meethi brings tea for them. Anu’s friends think that Meethi is new maid and asks Anu about it. She also nods yes, but Dev comes and clarifies that Meethi is his daughter’s mother. One lady asks what’s her relationship with Meethi. Dev says that nothing, he can’t become suitable for her. Meethi leaves.

Dev asks the ladies why they met here instead of meeting in the club. They say that they wanted to surprise them as they are going to become grandparents. They called meeting instructor, who will teach them to make sweater. Dev taunts that is talented in fighting and leaves.

Aditya phones Imlie. Malini overhears their conversation from another landline. Imlie says that Malini is resting in her room. Aditya reminds Imlie about Malini’s medicine. Imlie says that she remembers and asks him to not worry and do his office work. Malini thinks that Aditya trusts Imlie blindly and today that trust should be broken.

A colleague shows the newspaper to Aditya saying something else got published in the place of actually story. Aditya checks it and gets shocked. Anu and her friends are learning the sweater. Anu fails to make the sweater properly and her friends mocks her and asks what Anu does in the whole day. Anu says shopping. They say that’s why he had affair with another woman and laugh. Anu and Meethi look shocked.

The beauticians have come home and the ladies are being pampered. They all sit wearing sheet mask. Sundar comes there. Imlie forcibly makes Sundar sit to get an head massage. Imlie makes the beautician sit and does her head massage. Malini worries that Imlie will again become everyone’s favorite Imlie gets Malini’s medicine and asks her to have it.

Imlie 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Malini says that she’s relaxing now and will take it later. Imlie insists, but Malini asks to not irritate her. Imlie agrees. Aditya talks to his head overphone and says that 12 girls were given drug and were kidnapped. The culprit got arrested. He asks why actress dating life news is given more importance than this issue. The head says that this is the decision of their new boss. He’s coming to meet the staffs and asks Aditya to talk to their new boss directly. Aditya says that he doesn’t want to meet him.

Anu’s friends complete the sewing the sweater, but Anu couldn’t. She sees Meethi sewing a sweater and takes it from her. Meethi says that she is making for Imlie. Anu ignores it and shows it to the instructor as she made it. Her friends made fun of her saying that she made a big sweater for a baby. Meethi reveals that it was her sweater. Anu’s friends indults Anu saying that Anu has the habit of stealing everything. Meethi says a proverb and humiliates Anu. Anu fumes in anger.

Aditya comes back home. His family finds him worried and enquires about it. He says that their newspaper was bought by a rich man and he’s scared that the newspaper, which was the voice of truth will become just a gossip column. Imlie brings juice for everyone. Malini refuses to take the juice. Aparna insists her to take it.

Aditya says that he doesn’t want juice. Malini pretends to feel dizzy. Aditya asks her if she took the medicine. Malini lies that she forgot. Aditya asks Imlie she didn’t give her medicine. Malini acts and asks Imlie why she didn’t remind her. Imlie says that she already took the medicine and reveals that she mixed it in her juice and she drunk it. Aditya says that it’s good. He leaves. Malini thanks Imlie for her care. Imlie says that she’s most welcome.

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