Pandya Store 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Anita saying to Prafulla that soon Gautam wil hug her with love. Anita gets shocked on finding Raavi. Raavi glares at Anita. Krish calls all to cut the cake and she leaves. Anita worriedly says to Prafulla whether Raavi heard their talk. Prafulla stops Pandya family from cutting the cake and asks where Reshma is and mocks. Suman wonder why Reshma didn’t come yet and Kanta also not answering her call. Prafulla says that everyone isn’t big heart as Raavi to marry uneducated Shiva. Raavi stops Prafulla and says to leave if she can’t participate in others happiness.

Anita agrees with Raavi. Raavi asks the Pandyas to cut the cake. Rishita asks Raavi to join. They all cut the cake. Dhara feeds Rishita. Rishita thanks Dhara for the party and hugs her. Dhara calls Raavi and hugs her. Raavi feeds cake to Rishita. The latter then feeds cake to Pandya brothers. Yaadon ki baaraat plays in the BG.

Dhara comes back to her room and finds a box in cupboard with a note left by Gautam. He says that she got shy to wear the theme dress for the party and requests her to come to the terrace now wearing it. Dhara checks the dress and sees white dress. Gautam messages Dhara asking how long she will make him wait. Dhara teases him saying that she won’t come and asks him to sleep there itself. Gautam agrees and asks if she can sleep without him. Dhara reads it and thinks. In the terrace Gautam arranges table. Dhara comes there covering herself in cloth. Gautam goes near her and removes that cloth and sees Dhara wearing his gifted dress. Mai re rang mein rangne wali plays in the BG. They come close. They get shocked hearing Dev’s voice. Dhara hides herself covering herself. Dev says that he talked to the bank yo get loan for their shop new branch opening and asks Gautam to read the mail.

 Gautam asks Dev to mail him that mail and tries to send him downstairs. Dev asks what he’s doing here alone at this time. Gautam says that he’s watching the moon and walking. Dev notices Dhara. He says to Gautam to stay and get fresh air, he won’t let anyone come here. He says good night bhabi while leaving. Dhara scolds Gautam for acting like child. She asks what if Krish has come in the place of Dev. Gautam laughs and says that he would have told to the whole city. He complaints that his brothers don’t leave a chance to tease him. He hugs Dhara and says that his love for Dhara will increase more with the arrival of little Dhara. Meanwhile Prafulla is making Raavi’s matrimony profile asking. Anita says that Raavi will get angry if she finds it. Prafulla asks her to do the profile and asks to put her beautiful picture. She wants to get Raavi married before Shiva. Anita puts Prafulla’s photo in the matrimony sites and says that she will get lot of calls.

Pandya Store 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Shiva changes his hairstyle and asks Krish how it looks. Krish compliments his hairstyle and teases him saying that he changed his hairstyle for Raavi. They have talk about Suman wanting to get Shiva remarried. Krish says that if the new girl comes, Raavi will handle her. He remembers that he has to get medicine for Suman and leaves. Janta asks Suman to forget the anger and shows a girl named Dhisha’s photo and gives details about her. Shiva comes there. Kanta shows the photo to Shiva. Suman says that Shiva doesn’t about all this, if not he won’t get divorced and sends Kanta.

Shiva asks why she’s forcing him to marry and says that he doesn’t want to get married. Suman says that Raavi is staying here temporarily, she doesn’t want Raavi, she will get him married at any cost. Shiva says that she should get his consent to get him married. Suman says that he spoiled everything by his wish, so now she’s doing everything according her wish. Shiva says that he’s trying to rectify his mistake. Suman says that Dhara brainwashed Shiva and firmly says that what she wants will happen. She will find a new girl for him. Raavi, who humiliated him in front of all, can’t stay in this house. Shiva asks Sunna to take medicine and turns around to leave and finds Raavi at the doorstep. Shiva leaves. Raavi comes in. Suman drags Raavi and says that she will definitely get Shiva married and asks Raavi to prepare lehenga for the baaraat.


Anita kisses Gautam’s photo. Raavi snatches the photo and burns it. She says to Anita that she won’t let her succeed in her bad intention. Anita tells to the family that Raavi thinks that she wants to get Gautam shocking family.

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