Pandya Store 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Suman saying that Shiva and Raavi’s divorce will happen at any cost. She will call Reshma as Reshu. Dhara says that Raavi will be this house’s daughter-in-law. Dhara cries. Gautam says Dhara to not take stress and wants to get her lemon water. Dhara says to give it to Suman. Suman firmly says that Reshma will come to this house as her daughter-in-law else Dhara should stop calling her mom shocking everyone. Dhara wonders where Shiva is. Prafulla says that Shiva must have ran away and taunts Dhara’s upbringing. Rishita supports Shiva and says that Shiva will rock this family and will shock Prafulla. Raavi asks what he’s going do.

Rishita says that Raavi will like it. Shiva comes there in his old clothes. Dhara says to Shiva that he said that he got new clothes for the party the why she wore this. Shiva says that he can wear only the clothes that suit him. Rishita says that she got the clothes which suit him and asks why he didn’t wore that. Suman calls Shiva and says that a human’s is recognized by his heart and soul, not clothes. He and Reshu will make good pair and wants to do their engagement that day itself. Dhara takes Shiva away and threatens to hang herself ifhe marries anyone else than Raavi. Dhara says to Suman that she won’t let Shiva second marriage happen. Suman says that they will see it. Dhara drags Shiva and Raavi to the center and says to dance together. Krish shouts let’s dance.

Suman holds Dhara’s hand refusing her to dance. Rishita requests Suman to have a family dance. Prafulla says Raavi to dance with Shiva today as finally she will get rid off Shiva. Shiva compliments Raavi’s dress. Raavi says that she knows she will make fun of her dress. He says that he didn’t say it’s bad, it’s black. Raavi says that black is his favorite colour. Shiva asks if she wore this dress as he likes black colour. Raavi looks on. The brothers strat to dance on the song bareilly wale jhumke. Suman allows Dhara to dance. Everyone dances as couple, Anita dances with Krish. The boys asks Shiva to dance while the girls insist Raavi to dance. Raavi and Shiva dance.

Family joins them. The chandelier slowy drops down. Suman says stop and start dancing with them. Anita sees the chandelier dropping and Dhara is dancing under it. Naita thinks that this is the opportunity and runs to Dhara. She pushes Dhara away and saves her. The chandelier falls down and family gets shocked. Family rushes to Dhara. Anita stands up. Gautam hugs Anita shocking the family. Gautam thanks Anita for saving her life. Anita is happy and thinks that she was waiting for this moment from many years and she will not let him go away from her. Gautam says that she did a big favor on them. Gautam breaks the hug. Gautam goes to Dhara and confirms if she’s fine. Suman says that’s she asked to stand near her. Dhara hugs Suman. Suman consoles her. Family hugs Dhara.

Pandya Store 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Yaadon ki Baaraat plays in the BG. Suman admires them. Prafulla gets upset that Dhara got saved and laments. Dhara goes to Anita and hugs her. Dhara thanks Anita. Gautam says that they can’t take her enough. She saved their mannat from breaking and because of that mannat Dhara got pregnant and she saved Dhara from the chandelier. They won’t forget her favor and he can even give his life in return of it. Anita asks if she can get back their friendship. Dhara and Gautam look at each other. Dhara hug Anita and Gautam says that she got it. Suman says that she didn’t do wrong by giving Anita the rights to call her mom. She blesses Anita. Shiva says to Raavi that Anita isn’t overacting. Raavi says that it’s not her fault. Dhara says to not spoil Rishita’s party and asks Krish to get the cake. Prafulla calls Anita near. Anita says that soon Gautam will hug her with love. Anita gets shocked on seeing Raavi hearing them.


Shiva refuses for the second marriage. Suman is determined to get Shiva remarried and asks Raavi to prepare bridal’s lehenga.

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