Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 18th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The Episode begins with Amrita asking Pritam what is it. Pritam says a wound. Amrita gets shocked and he remembers about the incident. Pritam asks Amrita whethere she will bring him tea or he should bring. Meera’s father says to Meera how can he push her. Meera says he is their Naveen and they should teach him. She says he is the one who has given him the different example of elders. She says he has shown him money is important and says that because of that Naveen wants to stay with Rich people. He says he is the one who made him forget about normal life. Meera asks him to make something for her. He happily leaves from there. Her sister asks her whether she really wants to eat. Meera says that is for her. Her sister asks what is Naveen upto. Meera thinks that he is hiding something.

Tea is served to everyone. Amrita says to Pritam he can praise the tea if he wants. Dadi asks him for whom did he bring the toys. Pritam says for birthday. They ask whose birthday. Before he can say, Amrita covers it up saying that is for orphans as he works in NGO. Gurmeet appreciates him. Pritam is about to say he is the father and he is not an orphan but stops from saying. He says he has him. Amrita says he has huge thoughts and she is liking it. Dadu asks Pritam to do the birthday of their grandchild. Pritam gets a call from a Lawyer who asks whether everything is okay in Shakuja family whether everything is okay. He asks whether they didn’t doubt him. He asks him to get close to them as they are good people. Pritam gets up to leave but tells Amrita that tea was nice.

Pritam is about to go to his room when a man comes there calling him. He gives him a bag telling him that he got what he scattered. He asks him to keep them with him. Pritam takes them. Amrita who has comes there sees them. The man asking to take care leaves from there. Pritam who has turned around sees her standing. He closes the gate and about to leave when she asks him whether he is alright. He says he is fine. Amrita says he is doing a good thing by taking care of orphans and asks him why he is sad. She says he was fake smiling. She says if he wants he can share his pain. Then says with Dadaji as he looks at her. She says if they share pain, it will become less. Pritam says there is no pain. He asks how did he talk about NGO. Amrita says she guessed as he has no family. Pritam says she is right and he has no family. She asks him why did he take back the gifts and he leaves from there. Amrita wonders as to why didn’t he give the boy gifts whether it’s because of that woman.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 16th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

 Kabir is with his friends and asks them to think something otherwise he will be in the clothes shop. His friends says that they are already banned from entering his house and already Nimmi has beaten them with Sandal. Kabir says he will beat them and he is here because of them. His friends say they gone by his idea. Kabir says they would have stopped him from doing it. Kabir says that he is missing his office. He says he understood Meera’s pain. His friends asks him to call her. He calls her but she cuts it. He tries again but she cuts again. They say Meera is not worried about him. He says he will definitely talk with her and calls her again. She lifts the call and asks why he is calling. He asks her how did she got wound. She says that she slipped in the floor. She asks him why did he call her. He says he needs job and asks her whether she will talk for him. Amrita cuts the call denying to help. Kabir gets an idea.

Pritam remembers how that woman has thrown the dolls. He remembers about the lawyer’s words. He thanks him friend for collecting otherwise he would have broken. He remembers Amrita’s words and says that he felt good. The Screen Freezes.

Precap: Pritam gets a call from a man who says there is a Rave party going on in a farmhouse. He says there is going to be many drugs. Pritam takes out his gun and thinks that he will definitely catch atleast one.

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