Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 16th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Guneet on conversation with Kuljeet. He cuts the call while Nimmo says he did right by not saying anything to Kuljeet. Still she wondered where did Amrita go all of a sudden. No one has answer for it. Angad recalls seeing a file which is not Medical file on Amrita’s hand. They wonder what it is. Nimmo asks Everyone to take proper care of Amrita until her delivery. Kabir says he will take care of her but everyone gives a dirty look to him not trusting him. Angad asks him to first find a job for mom himself first. Guneet says there’s no hope and asks him to join him with handling the shop. Kabir gets offended and calls Dadaji for support but Dadaji throws him a disgusting look and leaves. Kabir gets upset.

Amrita is still wondering about the lady and her relation with Pg. She says Pg always gives it back to anyone but hey just stood there taking her insult. She recalls her accusing her. She is disgusted and wonders who could answer her. Amrita understands that Mansour Kaka to ask about it. Amrita calls Mansour Kaka and cuts him off his formalities. She says that who’s the lady with Pritam who visited care home. Mansour gets shocked hearing it. He asks her whether she followed Pritam and what’s the need for it. She says she saw him on the way and saw the girl abusing him. She calls her a vile woman who spewed cheap words against her. Mansour asks her to let it go but Amrita is about to know that why would a goon like Pritam visit child care. Mansour says that Pritam is not a goon and he went there for NGO work. Amrita calls down hearing it and Mansour convinces thee with her words. He cuts the call.

Mansour gets shocked seeing the lady there. She asks whether she wouldn’t know whatever they are planning. She asks him to warn Pritam to stay away from Rahul. Mansour says that he’s her son. He blames her for stealing all the happiness from his life. She says that it’s because of him she lost his job and warns to ruin him further. Mansour argues with her but she leaves asking Pritam to stay away from Rahul. Mansour sits devastated. Meera catches Naveen While stealing money and tries stopping him but he pushes her. Meera’s head hits the table and she faints. He gets scared but still runs away with money. Amrita is feeling bad for doubting on Pritam and respects him for his NGO work. She sees Pritam coming in holding Dadaji and Amrita rushes to him. Pritam says he was about to faint near gate and he helped him seeing it. Everyone comes there and asks what happened. Dadaji says that he suddenly felt like fainting.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 15th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Nimmo says it’s because of Kabir and says she saw how his face changes whenever they speak about Kabir. Amrita asks Why’s he worrying as the issue is solved. Dadaji is upset that Amrita sold her bonds for it. Amrita says it was bought by Karan and everyone has rights on it. Kabir too gets offended when everyone blamed him. Amrita calms him down and goes to get him tea. He asks to bring for Pritam too. Amrita says he won’t drink their tea. Pritam says he had their baby shower food too and also kheer and asks her to bring. Amrita brings up the NGO topic shocking Pritam.

Precap :

Everyone praise Pritam for celebrating orphan kid’s birthday but Pritam says they are not orphans.

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