Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 16th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Kanak sees Radhika with Gehna. Gehna also notices Kanak and she acts like scolding Radhika for the latter’s behaviour towards Sia. She reminds her that Sia is Anant’s case Lawyer and also Desai’s guest but the latter is nothing so she should not interfere in their family matters and asks her to leave from there. Radhika leaves the room.

Next day, Sapan tells Gehna to not worry because Siddharth will regain his consciousness soon. Jamuna asks Gehna that where they went and how Siddharth injured himself. Siddharth wakes up and asks Radhika that what is she doing there and who allowed her to enter the house. Praful asks him that what’s the matter. Siddharth replies to him that she is terrorist’s friend. Jamuna asks Praful to handover Radhika to Police.

Chetan agrees with her and he is about to call the Police. But Gehna stops him saying that she will prove Radhika’s innocence. Siddharth asks her that how can she support Radhika and he won’t stay in this house now. Gehna stops him saying that she don’t want him and Sia to end up in danger because of her. Siddharth and Sia leaves the house. Gehna follows them. Jamuna tells Praful that they should make sure that Gehna stay away from Siddharth otherwise Gehna won’t be able to forget Anant.

After some time, Siddharth, Sia and Gehna reaches Siddharth’s house. They gets shocks seeing the messed up house. He tells Gehna that everyone searching evidence to prove that he is Anant. She asks him to stay in Desai mansion and that’s the best solution now. Sia agrees with her. Siddharth tells Gehna that he has an condition.

Later, Siddharth tells Desai’s that he will share a room with Sia until he stays in Desai mansion. He warns them to not insult Sia and he wants Anant’s room because that’s a big room. Jamuna asks him to go and stay in any hotel. Gehna tells Siddharth that she will arrange the room for them. She convinces Jamuna also and leaves from there. Jamuna tells Praful that Gehna is not understanding that Siddharth is not Anant.

Hema tells Gehna that the latter is confused that Siddharth is Anant or not that’s why the latter giving this room to Sia. She asks her that how can the latter do this. Sia asks water from Gehna. Hema tells Gehna that they should throw Sia out of the house otherwise Sia will become another Radhika. Gehna ignores her and gives water to Sia. Siddharth tells Sia that Gehna saved him once again and he should find evidence against Kumar and Sagar before they finds evidence against him.

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 15th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Kumar tells Sagar that he received DNA report and reads it. In the Desai mansion, Gehna sees someone running from there. She tries to catch that person and Siddharth stops her. Sia comes there and hugs Siddharth. Gehna receives Kumar’s location and asks Siddharth to accompany her but he refuses and leaves from there with Sia. Gehna decides to go alone.

Precap :

Jamuna scolds Gehna. Praful talks about Gehna’s second marriage.

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