Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 16th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with psychiatrist doctor ask her to write, Sai writes her father’s name. The doctor did councelling with Sai, she tells her that her father only gave her hand to Virat. She also tells that for Virat she was going to leave the house but today she didn’t want Virat to leave from his room. The doctor tells her that she can understand that Sai is in dilemma, she ask Sai to take time no need to hurry and take decision. The doctor tells Sai that she wants Virat in her life or not. She tells to Sai that she is feeling loneliness but she have many people in her life the. Why she wants to give her happiness to one person. Ashwini is watching Sai from the door.

The doctor ask Sai to close her eyes and looks for the person who brings happiness in her life. The doctor ask her not to run from her trouble instead face them. The doctor says that she knew how much trouble she had faced to reach here. Sai tries to speak, the doctor ask her to try and speak. Sai starts talking and shares her feelings with the doctor, the doctor stops her from crying. The doctor tells that our broken hopes are sometimes looks like trouble and also ask her not to keep expectations from others, she ask her to try and her life will change. Sai thanked doctor and tells her that after talking to her she understands many things. The doctor ask her to meet her family members as they must be missing her, she informs Sai that all her family prayed for her and they cared for her. She ask Sai to change her thinking that nobody loves her. She ask her to start her medical classes, doctor praises Sai that she is a very courageous girl. The doctor ask Sai permission to call Virat and Pulkit inside.

Palkhi ask Samrat is he not tired, she says that she has done more for Sai and no need to go again. Palkhi sayabthat Virat is having problem with him, Palkhi provokes Samrat and tells him taht Virat told her that he doesn’t want anyone with Sai. Plakhi informs Samrat that the problem between them got over. She tells to Smarat that Virat had finished all the problem between them as he saw Palkhi has moved on in her life. Samrat says that he is tired to hearing about Virat in their conversation.she tells him that she is not going to digest Virat insult anymore and tells him that he is a very mature man and wants his support. She says that she wants to go away from Virat, Samrat ask him whether he wants to go away from Virat or wants to stay with Samrat. Samrat tells her that Palkhi she still loves Virat but Virat has moved on and now his duty and love both are same. He asked her to decide and accepts the hard truth of life.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 15th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Ashwini comes and introduce herself tobthe doctor, she ask Sai to take rest. Ashwini calls Virat and Pulkit inside, the doctor ask Sai to wish them.They are happy to hear her voice. Virat tells Sai that from so many days she was quite. Pulkit saya taht he is very happy to see her talking, he tells that Devi will be happy. Virat thanked doctor for making her speak after 10 days. Ashwini too tahanked the doctor, the doctor says that it’s her job. The doctor ask Virat to take care of himself and Sai, she leaves. Viart ask Sai that she can speak whatever is inside her, she saya that he isn’t tired of her questions and taunts. He says that it’s like soft music to him.

Precap- The doctor says that for Virat and Sai, they means alot to each other. Sai tells to Ashwini that she wants to go her village, then Ashwini informs her that Devi told them Virat and Sai’s fate are connected to each other. She also tells her if she goes and something happens to Virat will she accept it.

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