Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 18th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Palkhi telling Samrat that he still thinks she loves Virat and this is the reality of her life. She says that it’s not true. Samrat says that whatever she feels for Virat is not hidden from him. Samrat says that the truth is not hidden from him. He says that he is just quite due to Virat. He says that there are many couples who stays together but don’t stay in any relationship. He says that his habit is spoiling Virat and Sai life as the result they can see. Palkhi says that she is trying to put everything on way. Samrat says that her life rotates around one person, he says he is just a replacement for Virat. He tells that let Sai be happy, if she is not happy then the whole family is not happy and doesn’t be the enemy of his family.

Ashwini says to Virat and Sai that they should stay together. She brings food for them. Meanwhile Virat gets call from Devyani, she wants to talk with Sai. Virat gives Sai his phone to chat with Devyani. Devyani is very happy as Sai is getting better. She tells to Sai that she prayed for her health. Sai thanked her for all her prayers and taking care of her. Devyani says that she wants to come but Pulkit didn’t allowed her to come as it’s hospital and we should not crowd it. Virat takes phone from Sai hand and tells to Devyani that Ashwini had brought food for Sai and she have to eat timely as she have to take medicine. Devyani keeps the phone and then Virat makes a bite and tries to feed Sai. She is not ready to eat but then she have it, Sai says that Virat will only talk nicely with her when she will be in hospital. Virat tells her that no need to remind him that he is sometimes not good with her.

Pulkit thanked the doctor, Aswini comes and ask the doctor she wants to talk to her for some time, the doctor talks to Aswini. She tells to the doctor that how she explained Sai about Virat and the family, the same way please explain her too about Sai. The doctor ask her to talk and express her feelings for Sai. Ashwini tells that Sai is the youngest at home and everyone loves her especially Virat loves her. But she doesn’t want to stay with him but see after her accident she doesn’t want him to go out of her room. The doctor says that sometimes it happens when you try to run from a person but you falls in love with that person and do not understand what do to.

The same way Virat past is hampering Sai and Virat future. Ashwini says that Virat had confessed infront of the family that he will not remember his fast and only focus on his present. The doctor also says that we cannot keep two people forcefully, they have to accept each other and about their love she says that she cannot comment on that. The doctor nicely clear many thoughts from Ashwini. Bhawani and Ninad prays to God to bring Sai back home. Omkar and Sonali taunts them and says that will Sai come back, even Karishma ask that will Sai wants to come back to our house. Palkhi takes stand and says that Virat is taking good care of Sai and if he says she will come back.

Ashwini thanks doctor for explaining her. The doctor checks Sai and says that she is fine for the discharge and can go back to her home, Sai says that it’s not her home. Virat ask Sai to stay wherever she wants. Sai taunts him that she cannot go here and there everytime.

Precap_ Virat takes Sai back home, on the way many people were celebrating pooja, Sai sees a child and runs behind him. Virat tries to find Sai but cannot see her in the crowd. Sai is not feeling well.

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