Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 18th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Gehna is about to leave the house but Jamuna stops her and asks her that where the latter going at this time. Gehna informs her that she got to know that where Kumar is hiding so she need to catch him to prove Anant’s innocence. She pleads her and Praful to give permission to leave. Jamuna tells her that the latter can’t go anywhere. Gehna tells her that she will lose this chance. Praful closes the door. Jamuna tells Gehna that she also wants to prove Anant’s innocence but for that she can’t put the latter’s life in danger.

Praful tells Gehna that they can’t lose her too. Jamuna drags her from there and locks her in a room. Gehna asks her to open the door. Praful tells Jamuna that it was needed and takes her from there. Siddharth sees that and gets relieved that Jamuna locked Gehna in a room. He decides to go and catch Kumar. On the other hand, Kumar tells Sagar that this DNA report says that Siddharth is not Anant. Sagar tells him that maybe someone changed the report. Kumar suspects someone from his team.

Siddharth tells Sia that he got Kumar’s location so he should catch him. He tells her that he can’t leave the house through door and uses window. Meanwhile, Gehna escapes through window and reaches the location. She meets Police there and they searches Kumar. Police finds nothing there and scolds Gehna for giving fake information and leaves from there. She thinks that Radhika messaged this location only. She finds blood there and gets shocks seeing Radhika there. She realises that Kumar find out that Radhika betraying him.

On the other hand, Kumar tells Sagar that no one can betray him. He laughs saying that Gehna went there to catch him but she will find Radhika there. Kanak goes to Gehna’s room and realizes that Gehna escaped through window. Jamuna comes there to give milk to Gehna and learns that Gehna escaped.

Gehna asks Radhika to wake up. Siddharth comes there. Gehna hears noise and misunderstands that Kumar coming and tries to attack him. He mocks her and he notices Radhika. He asks her that what happened to Radhika. Then he understands that Kumar is behind this and searches Kumar. Kumar tells Sagar that now Siddharth would have reached there too. Siddharth thinks that he can’t go in front of Police. Gehna blames herself for Radhika’s condition. He finds his DNA report. Desai’s waits for Gehna. Siddharth takes Radhika somewhere.

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 16th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Later, Siddharth tells Gehna that Radhika is safe there. They reaches Desai mansion. Jamuna tells Gehna that the latter disappointed her and scolds her. Gehna cries and goes to her room. Praful tells Jamuna that Gehna needs her love. He suggests Gehna’s second marriage. He tells his family that Gehna needs to move on in her life. Kanak smiles hearing him. Siddharth gets shocks hearing him.

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