Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Pritam asking Monty to find out Naveen in the picture to find everyone involved in the issue. He found Kabir sitting alone and taunts him. Kabir is lost in his thoughts. Pritam asks why he’s sitting there. He taunts him. Kabir asks how does he know. He say that he saw from upstairs. He asks if he’s upset because his Bhabhi slapped him.

Kabir says he’s not upset for getting beaten as its very normal for his mother to slap him with chappal. He says that he’s upset for letting her down. Kn the other hand, Amrita is complaining about Kabir to Soni. Soni asks her to let it go and rest. She says everyone are already upset at home. Amrita asks Soni to give food for Kabir.

Pritam too asks him to have food but Kabir refuses. Pritam asks him whether he would like to have his special omelette. He tempts to have it and Kabir agrees. He notices the kids stationary and asks Pritam about it but Pritam asks him to not mind it. He makes the omelette and is about to make him have it when Amrita comes there. She asks what’s he doing there and asks him to come down as she got his food ready.

Pritam says he was upset for hurting her but she too shouldn’t have slapped him. Amrita asks what else can she do after what he have done. Pritam agrees and says that she’s right and says he should be a bit more responsible as Angad can’t handle everything alone. Amrita agrees and that’s when she realizes that she was having a normal conversation with her Pritam. She takes Kabir with her and Pritam taunts her.

Amrita asks Kabir to have food. She scolds him for asking food from Pg. He says its him who wanted to make him. Angad comes there and taunts him. Kabir gets angry when Angad scolds him and says that he got the job due to Meera’s father’s grace. Angad got angry hearing and indulged in a fight with him but Kabir apologizes as he said in anger. He leaves upset.

Pritam comes to Amrita to get glue as the shops will be closed at the hour. She gives it to him and he’s about to go when hi spots his friend there. He asks him the reason for his arrival when his friend says that his wife got to know about his application. Pritam gets furious hearing it and asks how can she do this. His friend asks him to get his son’s stuffs from locker.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Amrita comes there and his friend hides seeing her. She asks with whom he’s speaking when Pritam makes some excuse and leaves in anger. Amrita goes in and wonders whether Kk really got job for Kabir. Nimmo and Guneet are discussing about Kabir and Nimmo blames herself for forcing him to do the job. Guneet says it doesn’t matter as now they have to pay 1 lakh else Kabir will go to jail. Nimmo gets scared when Guneet decides to sell the shop for money.

Precap :

Amrita decides to use the bonds inn the locker when he spots Pritam there. Pritam doesn’t notice her as he gets the kids things from locker. Amrita notices a small spoon falling down and wonders Why’s he having kids stuffs.

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