Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Esha tells that Pallavi’s mobile is with her. Pallavi asks her that how their mobile got exchanged. Esha says maybe it got exchanged in the shop. Pallavi tells that she is also in hurry that’s why she didn’t noticed and they both exchanges their mobile.

Esha tells that she noticed when Raghav sent messages then stops and looks at Raghav. Raghav gets angry and thinks that Esha is the one who read and replied to his messages. Esha then leaves the place saying that she is getting late. Pallavi turns and says Raghav that she dont know what happened to Esha but Raghav leaves the place without saying anything.

Pallavi gets confused. She then in her room recalls Raghav’s words also Esha said messages so when Raghav comes out of the washroom Pallavi says to Raghav that Esha is talking about the messages and asks Raghav the message he sent which Esha read it and asks him what message he sent. Raghav gets angry and tells Pallavi that he sent messages to his wife and he isn’t aware its Esha who has her phone. He also gives his mobile when Pallavi tells the messages in her mobile is deleted by Esha.

Pallavi sees Raghav’s mobile messages and asks him to tell her what reply Esha gave to his I love you message. Raghav asks her to ignore it saying he thought it’s her and why she is asking so many questions. Pallavi says to Raghav that Esha is his ex girlfriend and she wanted to know so like an adult she wanted to have an argument in a mature way but he is acting immaturedly. Raghav tells that he would rather act like than talk about those things. Pallavi and Raghav then lies on their bed and looks at each other. Then they both turns around. Raghav tells Pallavi that he is going out of Hyderabad tomorrow.

Pallavi says that she dont want to know anything about that. Raghav tells if she acts that way then its fine for him to not to return. The next day Esha scolds her driver for applying brake then gets to know that someone was hit by her car so she goes outside and help Amruta who is the person she hit. She apologises to her. The people surround them try to create problem by accusing Esha but Amruta stops them saying she will handle it on her own way.

Esha insists dropping Amruta to where she wants go. She then learns that Amruta is going to her office for an interview so she tells her that she is going out of the city so asks her to come the other day and they can talk about her salary. Amruta gets happy and thanks Esha.

Pallavi searches for Raghav everywhere but couldn’t find him so she gets worried. She asks Keerti and tells her the argument that happened between her and Raghav. Keerti asks Pallavi to not to worry saying after Raghav comes to house asks her to calm him down and leaves. Pallavi thinks to plan surprise for Raghav. She then asks Farhad what is he doing here to which Farhad says that Raghav went to Warangal which has been preprinted due to the traveling time it takes. Pallavi decides to call Raghav.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Raghav is on his way to Warangal. Raghav receives a call from Pallsvi but he decides to ignore but gives in. Pallavi and Raghav didnt hear each other’s voice properly due to network issue. Pallavi asks Raghav why he didn’t tell her also asks him did he had amt food or not because the drive is too long. Raghav smiles and says to Pallavi that he will have some food and apologises to her for his behavior but once again gets the network issue the line goes dead. Pallavi gets worried. Raghav gets shocked when the stone fall on his car. He asks what happening do they have any other way to reach the meeting venue. His driver tells no.

Police tries to stop thr people from going further. Raghav asks his driver to take the car reverse. Farhad informs Pallavi that there is a huge problem currently going on in Warangal due to that the roads are closed and Raghav didn’t booked the hotel to.thibking that he will return. Pallavi gets shocked and gets more worried when she hears the news and decides to contact Raghav but fails.

Raghav asks the hotel worker to give him a room but the worker says all the rooms are booked so he can’t. Raghav gave him more money until he says that he has ine room and the person who booked the room isn’t here so he can take that room. Raghav gets the keys he then asks the worker do their landline works but the worker says no it will be like this few more hours until the situation is under control.

Raghav gets worried thinking Pallavi must be worried about him. Farhaf says to Pallavi that he can’t able to contact anyone. She decides ask police help to contact Raghav but ACP refuses to help her saying that Raghav didn’t stop her transfer so wont help her. Pallavi gets upset. Raghav hears someone is arguing with the hotel staff. Esha asks the staff how could he give her room to someone else and asks him to call his manager but when she sees its Raghav who took that room.she leaves the place saying she dont want that room.

Raghav gets worried about Esha so he goes after her. He then gets shocked when someone forcible take Esha with them. He follows the car and gets shocked seeing Esha is unconscious. The unknown man asks Raghav what he wants. Raghav angrily looks at him.

Precap: Raghav fights with the unknown man. Esha tells Raghav it’s her husband. Her husband accuses Esha for divorcing him to plan to live happily with Raghav..Pallavi gets worried about Raghav so Keerti tells her that Sunny will take her to.Raghav. Sunny gets shocked. Raghav takes care of Esha. Esha in her drunken state confesses her feelings for him and hugs him. Raghav gets shocked.

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