Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Desai’s performs Navratri puja. Kumar tells Sagar that death countdown begins. One of the lady tells others that one lucky person will get chance to pour flowers on God. Kumar suggests Siddharth’s name saying that Siddharth gave donation yesterday. Pankaj tells Jamuna that she used to perform this ritual every year. Jamuna coughs so Gehna goes to bring water. Kanak calls Sagar but no response from other side. Siddharth takes the rope. Kumar tells Sagar about chemical blast and Gehna hears that. Gehna saves everyone with Jamuna’s help. They gets shocks seeing fire and Siddharth helps Gehna.

Jamuna and Siya falls down. Praful and Gehna goes to Jamuna. Siddharth goes to Siya. Praful asks Jamuna that does she still thinks that Siddharth is Anant. One of the guy accuses Gehna saying that she planned all this to get good name. Others also says that it must be Gehna’s plan and acted like she saved everyone. One of the lady tells that Gehna put everyone’s life in danger to clear the name of Anant. Siddharth tells them that he is not related to Gehna in any way. He asks Gehna that how can she put her family in danger to clear her name and he should have gave shock treatment to her that day.

Gehna tells them that Jamuna saved everyone’s life hurting herself but she won’t tell anything else because they decided to accuse her and they won’t believe her no matter what. She says to them that they didn’t even gave chance to prove Anant’s innocence. Everyone apologizes to Gehna for misunderstanding her and claps for her. Gehna leaves from there with Desai’s.

Siddharth tells Siya that he is sure that Kumar is behind this attack and he should know that who is helping Kumar from his family. She tells him that he need to enter Desai mansion to find that.

Later, Kanak scolds Sagar for the attack. He asks her to not drag him in every small issue and disconnects the call. Police inspector comes there and asks Desai’s to hire a Lawyer for court hearing and leaves from there. Siddharth comes there and tells Desai’s that he need to stay in this house because he signed on Gehna’s medical report. He reveals that his bodyguard will stay with him. He introduces Siya as his fiance. Kanak thinks that this is real twist of the story and welcomes Siya and takes her to guest room. Siddharth asks about his room. Pankaj takes him from there.

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Jamuna tells Gehna that she knows that Siddharth matter troubling her. Gehna tells her that she is thinking about Lawyer Siya Srivastav and only that Lawyer can win their case. They hears Siya and Kanak’s screaming. Siya and Kanak fights for necklace. Hema gives Kanak’s necklace to her saying that Siya is right. Gehna apologizes to Siya on behalf of Kanak. Siya scolds her so the latter yells at the former. Siddharth asks them to stop it. Next day, Gehna waits for Lawyer Siya Srivastav and shocks learning that Siddharth’s fiance is Siya Srivastav.

Precap :

Gehna tries to convince Siya to take Anant’s case.

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