Imlie 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Adithya saying that this is the front page headline of their News Papers. He says that it will now be this instead of the truth. He says that he has asked lmlie to do the internship. He says that may be he has lost his mind. Imlie is about to leave but Rupali comes there. She says it’s a tragedy. Rupali says that he is craving there and she is craving here. She asks her to go to him as a parlour aunty and she does asked.

Imlie goes to Aparna and gives her Coffee. She stands near her to which she asks her whether she wants to say something. Imlie says that from now she will be going for internship. She asks her to take special care of Malini and asks her to give medicine to her. Malini who has come there thinks that she will never let her do internship with Adithya.

Imlie talks to her mother on the call and tells her that first sue has to make Adithya understand the difference. She says she should bring Malini’s truth to him. She trlls her that she is now to fill the internship shop. Methi says now it’s good days because from tomorrow it’s Navratri as well. Methi then pretends like Anu. Anu who is listening everything gets furious and decides to teach her a lesson.

Malini is giving the forms to the students and asking to fill. Imlie’s friends teases her. Malini hears everything. She then keeps the forms inside her bag and tells her that the forms are over. Imlie says that she has seen her keep her forms inside her bag. Imlie asls her to be her professor instead of being personal. Malini then shouts that she is saying that she has kept the forms inside her bag. The professor beside her supports Malini. He asks her to do the internship in next batch.

Methi who is about to leave sees that her sandals are broken. Anu comes there and says that she thought she can be equal to her and asks her to wear high heels. Methi says that she keeps her legs on the Earth after working hard. Anu asks her to accept that she is always be the servant or wear the heels. Methi wears the heels as asked by her. But she feels difficulty in walking with them. Methi tells her that she knows how to walk lifting her head.

Imlie remembers Malini’s words and walks upset. Imlie then sees a guy photocopying the forms and she also does the same.
Adithya on the other hamd prepares to teach Imlie. The boss comes there and saya to him that he has never seen him soo excited and asks him whether it’s Imlie. He agrees and says that she has everything to become a journalist. Imlie goes to the students one by one and asks for the forms. Most of them says rhat that have submitted.

Imlie 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Anu comes to Methi and asks her to work fast. Methi steps on the stool with her heals on. Imlie comes to Malini but doesn’t find forms in her bag. Malini comes there and asks her what she is searching. She shows her the forms. Imlie requests her to give her the form. Malini says she should do the same to the forms whatever she has done with her dreams. She tears the forms. She takes the pieces of the form in her hand. The Screen Freezes On Imlie.


Imlie tells Malini that she has made a way for herself to fulfill her dreams. She says that she brought this for her so that she can tear this as well. She says to her that she knows how many trees are cut to create a paper. She says she is her teacher and one should always try to make the student’s future bright. She asks her to decide what she wants to do.

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