RadhaKrishn 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Sam tells Radha that Krishna doesn’t want Jara to stay in Dwarka, she should do something and save Krishna’s dignity. Radha agrees. He thinks Radha’s love is a beginning of Krishna and will be the reason for his end. Radha walks to Krishna with a butter pot and says he will not get it. He asks why. She says he purposefully gave a tough task to Jara, how will he get 108 blue lotus/neelkamal.

He says Jara asks how did Ram get neelkamal and he explained. Radha says Jara is leaving Dwarka as he is unable to get 108 neelkamal, she will not let him go. She walks to Jara and asks where is he going. Jara says he is returning to jungle as he couldn’t fulfill his promise made to Krishna. Radha says she will not let him go. He says he couldn’t keep his promise made to his guru, so he cannot show his face to his guru again.

Krishna enters and asks if he will not stay back even if he says. Jara asks who will help him find neelkamal. Krishna says one who stopped him from going, Radha will help him. He asks Radha to close her eyes and search neelkamal via the eyes of her mind. She finds neelkamal in Pushkar’s Mansarovar lake.

Krishna shoots arrow and brings lotuses in front of them. Jara says he got lotuses like Ram, if he is Ram. Krishna says Ram stays in a person’s heart who loves him, so he can say he is Ram. Jara says now he can seek a desired wish from maa Durga.

Mahadev sees Devi Gauri tensed and asks reason. Devi Gauri says Krishna helped Jara get neelkamal, now Jara may ask something unusual from her. Mahadev asks her not to worry and reminds what Ram had faced after getting neelkamal. Krishna takes Radha back to palace and picks butter pot. Radha asks if he helped Jara for butter. Krishna says he just wants to have Radha’s bhog/prasad.

RadhaKrishn 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Sam meets Shukracharya and explains him what happened. Shukracharya says he tried to find out future via his superpowers, but failed; he realized that Krishna tricked Jara as maa Durga didn’t get impressed only with Ram bringing lotuses. Sam says they should do something else then. Shukracharya suggests him to make sure Jara doesn’t leave Dwarka until their plan succeeds.

Sam walks to Jara and in lieu of helping him thread lotuses asks what will he seek from maa Durga. Jara says he wants to become a world’s best archer. Sam says Arjun is world’s best warrior and Karn was before that, Krishna will not let him become a best archer just like that. Jara says they worked hard to achieve their goal. Sam says he should ask Krishna to make him a minister and let him stay with him and learn archery. Jara agrees.

Krishna sees Radha trying to make garland but failing repeatedly. Radha says she could make garlands before, but cannot now. Krishna reminds that she cannot use her power during her last days on earth. She says she remembers that. He suggests her to use her love leaving her worries behind and make garland. She succeeds and puts garland in his neck. He suggests her again to stop her worries and love him immensely. She agrees and smiles.

Precap :

Radha informs everyone that one among Jara’s brought flower is spoilt and hence pooja cannot be performed. Krishna thinks he is called kamal nayan/lotus eyed and hence he will sacrifice his eye in Devimaa’s feet. He shoots arrow in air. Everyone look at him in shock.

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