Tera Mera Saath Rahe 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Saksham goes towards Gopika. Gopika tells Saksham that she didn’t lied to anyone. Saksham asks her to shut her mouth. Gopika gets shocked. Saksham asks Gopika how dare she lie to his mother and fool her like this. Minal asks Saksham to stop and goes to Ramila and says that she is the one who lied to Mithila and asks her why she did that.

Ramila acts and asks when did she told such things. Anand angrily looks at Ramila. Mithila says to Ramila it’s the engagement day when she asked about Gopika’s educational qualification she lied to her. Ramila says to everytime that she thought they were asking about Ashi and because engagement she didnt paid attention at about who they are talking about.

Mithila then asks Ramila then what about the other day when she asked her that Gopika is a brave person or not why did she lied to her and she is sure that day there was nothing that made the pressurised. Ramila says that she may not be Gopika’s real mother but she took care of her like one so when she asked her she got scared and lied to her. Gopika says to Ramila that she thought she told Mithla and everyone in the family about her truth and asks her why she didn’t told her.

Ramila says to Gopika that she thought she told Saksham about everything because she got so many opportunities to spent time with him before marriage. Mithila asks them to stop it. Baa asks Gopika to tell everyone that she wrote a letter before her marriage about herself. Gopika says yes and tells that she thought they knows already. Mithila says that she didnt received such letters and asks Saksham did he. Saksham tells that he also didn’t received any letter and asks Gopika how could she thinks to herself that they read and accepted her why she didnt asked anyone about it.

Saksham tells that Gopika has to leave this house. He tells Gopika that she didnt deserves this house and the family members in it. He calls the worker names Ram Singh who brings the suitcase of Gopika with her things in it. Gopika gets shocked. Saksham asks Gopika what is she waiting for she has no other options but to leave. Ramila and Ashi gets happy. Saksham takes Gopika’s hand and drag her towards the exit. Gopika recalls her engagement and the saree Saksham chose for her also their marriage and looks back at everyone.

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Saksham brings Gopika near the exit but before make her leave Baa asks Saksham to stop it. She then asks Mithila how could she decides to let go of their daughter in law and asks Mithila to stop it. Ramila and Ashi gets annoyed. Saksham says to Mithila that till date that she took all the decisions in his life and he accepted everything but today she has to listen and accept his decision.

Ramila and Ashi looks at each other and smiles. Mithila recalls her decision to choose Saksham for Gopika after she saves her from the fire also how she asked Saksham to fulfill the promised he made to her by filling Gopika’s hairline with vermilion. She also recalls asking Saksham to give Gopika one chance. She swipes her tears away and tells everyone that Gopika will leave the house. Ramila and Ashi gets happy.

Gopika looks down and turns around and goes behind Saksham to take a hold of her suitcase. Mithila asks Gopika to stop. Everyone gets hopeful. Ramila and Ashi looks at each other confusedly. Mithila tells that Gopika’s few of the things are still left in that house. Everyone gets confused. Mithila then asks Asho to leave the house with Gopika. Everyone gets shocked.

Ashi goes to Mithila and asks her what she did wrong that she has to leave the house. She did all this for her sister thinking she will get a good life. Mithila tells Ashi from day one she and Ramila lied to them. All three of them together fooled everyone in this family so Ashi has to leave. Ramila gets an idea looking at Minal also recalling her saying that she accepted Ashi as one of the family member. She acts and tells that this is a house of a business man who sells diamonds and they knows about sellers so asks Ashi to leave the house. Minal goes to Mithila and tells that whatever Ashi did is for her sister’s happiness so.she don’t think she made a mistake because we all do that. Mithila says that she dont do such things so Ashi has to leave.

Minal reminds Mithila her promise of not interfering in her decision in Chirag’s life and tells her that she wants to give Ashi one more chance. Ramila and Ashi gets happy when Mithila agrees. Mithila then warns Minal again saying she isn’t understanding them. She then tells that she will take her own decision and that is Gopika will leave this house forever. Anand pleads Mithila to give one more chance to Mithila saying Gopika is pure and innocent like Ganga water and he is sure she will take care of everyone in the family and makes everyone happy.

Mithila apologises to Anand saying she can’t accept his request she may promised him to take care of Gopika as her daughter but thats before she doesn’t know that it’s all a lie. Gopika goes to Mithila and tells her that because of her only she slowly starts standing up for her. Her love care and advices made her a strong person. But no one considered Gopika and accept her for who she is. For everyone she is Mrs.Modi her life stayed between Mrs. and Modi. Everyone cries. Ramila and Ashi smirks at each other.

Precap: Baa tells that she wont let the daughter in law of this house leave before Laxmi puja. Mithila says that her decision is not going to change so Gopika will stay her till Diwal then the next day of Diwali Gopika has to leave the house. Gopika stands Lord Krishna’s idol and asks if she has to leave then why she has to stay here till diwali. She also tells that she dont want to be here also asks God to give her the sign what she had to do next and cries.

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