Tera Mera Saath Rahe 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Mithila tells Baa Ramila and Ashi that she understands that they all are worry about Gopika but this time talking about her like this and questioning her character is not good. She then tells that she is sure in this situation also Gopika must be fighting to save herself from the goons. The goons asks Gopika where she kept the diamond and asks her to give it to them. Then they made Gopika stand up and threatens to kill her asking for the diamond but Gopika doesn’t reply. She then tries to run away from the goons but fails when she gets caught inside the room filled with mirrors.

The goons also follows her behind. Mithila over the mic asks Gopika to stay strong and they will find her soon also asked her to give them the sign where she is. The goons tells Gopika that no one is going to help her so asks her to give them the diamonds. Saksham and Chirag searches for Gopika but couldn’t find her in any room. Saksham thinks that police informed that they have tightened the security so Gopika must be inside the pandal. Uma worries because of those goons she will get caught so she calls them but gets angry when they doesn’t answer her calls.

The goons shows Gopika a knife and threatens her. Gopika recalls her father being killed and gets scared. When the goons tries to get closer to her she pushes them away and screams loudly. The light goes off and the sparkle of the diamond brightens the place also those who are outside wonders where is the spark coming from. Thejal says due to short circuit the power went off. Saksham thinks talking about the diamonds with Gopika and Chirag so he wonders how come the spark of the diamond coming from that side and goes to see what’s happening.

The goons sees the diamond is inside Gopika’s mouth but before they could take Gopika takes it in her hand and refuses to give it to them. Saksham finds Gopika and fights with the goons. He then asks her is she fine. Gopika hugs Saksham and cries. Saksham then says Gopika that they can leave now. Gopika and Saksham stands to leave but the Goons comes there and hits Saksham from behind. Both Gopika and Saksham gets shocked. Saksham tries to fight with the goons but fails and falls unconscious.

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Gopika gets furious seeing Saksham’s condition when she sees the goons are approaching her she screams loudly. The goons gets confused and asks what happened to her to each other. She then asks the goons how dare they can hurt her Saksham Ji then beats them continuously. The goons falls to the ground. Then they gets an idea so they slowly puts the mask on their face and takes the knife. Gopika gets scared and takes a step back. The goons asks her to give them the diamonds. Mithila comes there and gets shocked seeing Saksham is unconscious. The goons asks Gopika to give her the diamonds or else they will hurt Mithila.

Mithila asks Gopika to not to trust their words saying they can’t do anything to her so asks her not to give the diamonds to the goons. But Gopika gets scared so she lifts her hand to hand over the diamond to the goons. Mithila gets shocked and she recalls Baa’s words so she hits the diamond away from Gopika’s hand and fights with the goons. She asks Gopika to take the diamond and run away saying they wont do anything to her.

Gopika takes the diamond in her hand but falls unconsciously in the floor. Mithila goes to Gopika and asks her to wake up. The goons mock Mithila saying that Gopika is like a scared puppy she is even get scared seeing them in their mask. But before they could take the diamonds cops comes there and takes the goons away from there.

Gopika wakes up and finds herself that she is sleeping in Mithila’s lap. She also sees the whole family is there. She asks Mithila is Saksham is fine. Mithila smiles and says yes. Gopika tells Mithila that she misunderstood her being a brave educated person but she is scared of everything also she had completed only eighth grade that too in Gujarati medium.

Mithila tells Gopika that they dont care because she is this house daughter now and they loves her a lot. Chirag and Thejal also tells Gopika that they loves her too. Everyone nods their head yes. Gopika gets happy. She then see that Saksham is entering the room so she tells him that she had studied eighth grade that too in Gujarati medium to which Saksham says that she is his wife and he accepts her for who she is. He also tells that they are proud of her. Gopika gets happy.

Gopika wakes up and finds no one in her room so she thinks that it’s a dream. She then recalls what happened so she decides to find where is Mithila and Saksham. She comes outside and calls both Mithila and Saksham. She then sees Mithila is in the living room so she goes to her and tells her that she got to know there was a misunderstanding so she is on her way to tell her the truth then she stops herself from talking when she sees the entire family comes infront of her. Mithila tells Gopika that everyone got to know that she is not what she thought about her. She then calls Gopika a liar saying that she hide it so well for all this while.

Baa gets shocked. Gopika tells Mithila that she didnt lie to her anything when she get to know what she thought about her she decide to tell her the truth. Mithila tells Gopika that Baa told her that she is not a brave person but she didn’t believed her because she thought the way she wanted a daughter in law for this house also a wife for her Saksham is her who has all the qualities but today she herself witnessed when she asked her to runaway from there taking the diamond instead of that she fell unconscious.

Gopila cries. Ramila gets happy and thinks to herself that she is going to get her servant back to her house. Mithila asks Gopika that why she didn’t tell her when she asked her to tell the English poem lines why she didn’t tell her the truth also when Thejal asked her to sing the aaarti song in which is in English why she didn’t tell the truth. She also asks why she didn’t tell when she gave her the responsibility to give a speech in English infront of the media. Gopika cries and tries to tell something but Saksham comes there and asks Gopika to stop it. Gopika gets shocked and looks at Saksham.

Precap: Mithila tells that she is going to take the final decision. The worker brings the bags. Saksham tells Gopika it’s her bags and asks her to leave the house. Gopika tells Mithila that she not even once told that she is brave person also well educated woman. For her she always takes the right decision. Also she accepted herself the way she is and she dont want to change herself about anything because she is comfortable being who she is and cries. Mithila looks at Gopika with tear filled eyes.

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