Tera Mera Saath Rahe 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Gopika asks Baa that everyone in the family thinks about her the way how Mithila described her infront of everyone. Baa says yes. Gopika tells Baa that means whatever the love recognition and respect she got from everyone is based on those misunderstands right. Baa says yes and asks Gopika to not to tell the truth about herself to anyone especially Mithila because without thinking twice she will take a decision to throw her out of the house also she will lose everyone’s love. Gopika recalls from Mithila announcing her as a daughter in law of Modi’s to till then that she is proud of her daughter in law and gets sad. Baa asks Gopika again not to tell the truth to anyone and asks her to come inside the pandal and leaves the place.

Thejal calls VJ but he doesn’t answer so she gets worried and thinks to herself where is he. Hiten comes there and shows Thejal and VJ’s picture which shocks Thejal so she starts calling VJ. VJ on the other side chill with his friends when one of his friend shows him the picture of him and Thejal he tells that he got so many likes and it went viral. Saksham and Chirag brings the box inside the pandal. Uma smirks seeing that. Priest says that they can start the puja now. Mithila calls Gopika and learns she is not there and wonders where is she. Everyone starts looking for Gopika. Baa recalls her conversation with Gopika and gets worried.

Gopika takes the bag in her hand and thinks about Baa’s words. She then tells that she can’t keep Mithila and everyone in the family dark. She may not lied to anyone but hiding the truth is also equal fo lying so she has to be brave enough to go and tell Mithila that whatever she thinks about her is not true. She also tells that if her happiness is based on lie then she can never be happy so it’s good if she now itself tells the truth no matter whatever the consequences she has to face because of this. Thejal calls VJ and gets upset. Gopika prays to God to give her the strength to reveal the truth and face the consequences and takes a step towards the pandal. Those two goons come infront of Gopika and snatches her bag from her hand. Saksham searches for Gopika everywhere. Gopika tells those goons that there is nothing in that bag but gets shocked when she sees them taking the crown from the bag. She tells them not to take this away because this is for Mata Rani and holds the crown. The goons tries to take the crown from Gopika’s hand but she refuses to give it to them.

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Saksham calls Gopika’s name but he doesn’t get any response. One goon tells the others that Gopika is not leaving the crown to which the other goon tells that they can take Gopika with them and closed her mouth with a cloth and put her on their shoulder and without anyone’s notice they take Gopika away from there. Saksham goes and tells Mithila that Gopika is nowhere to be found. Mithila asks Ramila to which Ramila tells that she doesn’t know anything. She then asks Saksham to call Gopika saying she knows the importance of this puja so if Gopika is not here then she must have the valid reasons and she is sure about that. Saksham tells Gopika is not answering the calls.

Thejal calls VJ but he doesn’t answer. Hiten comes there and tells Thejal that Minal is searching for her. Thejal gets angry and asks Hiten to go away and not to follow her. Hiten gets shocked and leaves the place. Priest tells they are getting late for the puja. Uma asks Mithila to honor the god by herself like how she used to do all those years. Saksham agrees and asks Mithila to do it. Thejal hears Gopika’s sound and gets shocked seeing she is getting kidnapped she tries to fight with the goons but fails so she runs inside and tells everyone that someone kidnapped Gopika. Everyone gets shocked. Ramila tells Ashi that its not her plan and when Ashi gets worried that when the truth of Gopika comes out Mithila will throw her out also but Ramila assures her that nothing such won’t happen.

Cops come to the pandal and informs Mithila and Saksham that they have closed all the paths that’s related to this pandal so kidnappers must have nowhere to go so they will find them. The goons decides to keep the diamond to themselves but gets shocked seeing the diamond is missing and they looks at Gopika who struggles to free herself. Baa asks Ramila is she not worried about Gopika to which Ramila tells that she is worried then she sees Mithila is coming there so she and Ashi acts and asks Baa to not to worry saying Gopika will be fine. Baa gets confused and tells Ramila that she knows the truth about Gopika is not a brave person right.

Mithila comes there and asks Baa what is she saying. Baa gets shocked but tells Mithila that Gopika is not a brave person she gets scared of everything so they have to find her soon. Mithila tells Baa that they all worried about Gopika but it doesn’t mean they can talk about her daughter in law like this when she proved herself in so many occasion that she is a brave person. Ramila and Ashi gets upset that their plan didn’t worked. Mithila tells Baa that she is sure that Gopika must be fighting there alone to rescue herself. Baa gets worried.


Mithila comes to the place where Gopika is kidnapped she asks Gopika to not to give the diamond to the goons. Gopika forwards her hand when the goons threatens her. Mithila gets shocked recalling Baa’s words. Later Mithila tells Gopika that Baa told her about her being a scared person but she didn’t believe her words and trusted her the most but she lied to them. Gopika cries and tells Mithila that she didn’t lie to anyone and she is not a liar.

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