Ghar Ek Mandir 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Maharaji asks Babaji to swear on Bhagwat Gita and tell everyone he never had greed behind yhis pooja and remember lying is bigger sin then greed and you have done so many Pooja and given lot of money and gold and didn’t you like it that today Goddess was happy just with a lotus. Babaji speechless, he looks at Maharaji and sees divine rays behind him and joins his hands and says I am sorry I was greedy, and I have done many pooja but today it was different,

it was true that my greed was the reason behind the doors not opening, and Genda’s true and pure devotion made God happy and today I saw God just wants true devotion and not money or gold, I am sorry Genda today you proved what God truly wants and Kundan you are so lucky to have Genda as daughter in law, you need no pooja, because you have Mahalakshmi in your home, and Maharaji Thank you for opening my eyes and leaves.

Varun looks at Genda and smiles. Agarwals home Anuradha says Babaji left who will do Kalash sthapana, Maharaji says I will, I spent my time with a Knowledgeable Pandit so I know this too. Nisha thinks he knows everything he is all rounder. Maharaji asks who will do Pooja, Nisha steps ahead, Kundan says Varun and Genda come, Varun very happy. Nisha thinks first Pooja in temple and now Kalash, why am I here now, if she has to do everything I have been doing till now.

Varun takes his seat, Genda hesitates and looks at Nisha. Anuradha says Manish and Nisha are elder, they should do pooja, Genda says yes Bhabhi and Bhaiya should do it, you are elder in age and relation, we will like it and Papaji you tell please, Kundan says okay. Varun feels bad thinks she didn’t even ask me once before saying this.

Manish and Nisha do Kalash Sthapna. Maharaji asks Nisha to add some more water to soil and tells importance of Kalash Sthapna and why it should be watered. Maharaji does Kalash Sthapna and says as the Jowar will grow, peace and happiness will also grow in the family. Varun angry leaves.

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Varun in his room angry, Genda walks in, Varun says why didn’t you ask me once before giving it to Bhaiya Bhabhi, Genda says we did Pooja in temple now let them, and there is no other reason, Varun says you should atleast ask once how does the person with you think of decision, and here is your necklace no one will take it from you, Genda remember Varun’s reaction in temple and says I don’t want it.

Maharaji prays to Mahalakshmi and says with your blessings Genda has started her journey, Mahalakshmi says Son she can’t do this journey alone, Maharaji asks meaning.

Varun asks Genda why don’t you want it, your mother gave it right as your father’s last sign, Genda says why didn’t you think this before you took it without asking me and didn’t even think of emotions behind it, and so now I don’t want it. Varun says I did all this for our family, Genda says when did I stop you, even I want my families happiness, I just wanted you to ask me once, Varun says what is big deal I am your husband and will take necessary decision on your behalf whenever required, don’t stretch this topic, Genda says I never stretched topic when you scolded me in temple and also when you were against me with whole family and society.

Mahalakshmi says to Maharaji, Genda is Lakshmi and as Vishnuji is incomplete without Lakshmi, so is Lakshmi.

Genda says to Varun I am going to sleep.

Maharaji says to Mahalakshmi, Genda won’t be alone, her life partner will be with her and in such way that he will be an example for everyone on how to support life partner.

Varun closes the doors and goes to sleep.

Genda in kitchen, Anuradha walks to her and says make dal bati churma. Genda gets call from Pankhuri, she disconnect seeing Anuradha, Pankhuri calls again, Anuradha says pick call. Pankhuri wishes Genda happy birthday and asks what did Varun give, Genda says I will call you later. Pankhuri teases her says yes now all your time will be Varun’s and his families, Genda says I will call you later and thinks no one knows it’s my birthday.

Varun and Maharaji near news paper, Maharaji says go ahead, Varun says no you have it, Maharaji says ask me any news I know all I have read it, try me. Varun asks him random news, Maharaji answers him correct. Maharaji reads Varun’s horoscope too and says there is birthday today, Varun says yes ots Genda’s birthday, Maharaji says you forgot her birthday and its her birthday today so make it special. Varun remember his fight with her and says I don’t think she wants anything, I am leaving for shop will wish her later.

Maharaji thinks they will have to spend time together and I have to do something, because a husband and wife should know each other very well and understand eachother.

Maharaji visits Kundan at shop, Maharaji says she will like this necklace as gift. Kundan says what gift, Khandelwal comes, Kundan gives him necklace and says your necklace is ready. Khadelwal takes it and leaves. Maharaji says oh I thought it was Genda’s, Kundan says it is Genda’s birthday, Varun walks in, Maharaji says he is here today even when its Genda’s birthday he is so devoted to work, there is whole life for birthday and now work is important right. Kundan says Varun you didn’t tell me its Genda’s birthday, take her out, Maharaji thinks you got an opportunity Varun lets see if you follow it.

Precap :

Genda says it’s my birthday Varun but you didn’t wish me yet Nisha decides to take revenge from Genda

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