Bhagya Lakshmi 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Lakshmi leaves from Shanaya place listening to Virendra advice. Shanaya tells to media that I never thought Rishi will send his wife and this is real face of Rishi and she acts infront of Media to gain their support. Sonia tells to Malishka that Lakshmi lost her image in Rishi’s eyes. Karishma says Lakshmi did mistake by meeting that girl. Sonia says don’t let it go and use this opportunity. Malishka says I know and this is time to show Lakshmi’s place to her and she thanks them for their support.

Neelam asks Virendra if he knows where Lakshmi went than she sees the news on tv gets infuriated than she asks if he sent her? And Lakshmi may save Rishi from Markesh dosh but she can’t handle these problems as she is from village and not intelligent Iike Malishka and she hears calling bell sound and goes thinking Lakshmi may come.

Rishi meets Lakshmi and questions why she did it. Lakshmi in tears Apologies to him and says don’t know she change it in this way and I coudnt tell that you didn’t sent me as I left from that place hearing Bauji words and I ruined everything. Rishi says everything will be fine and don’t cry as Im not feeling good to see you in tears and he thinks what’s happening to him. Lakshmi says everyone will be angry at me along with you. Rishi signs no. Lakshmi gets Virendra message. Rishi asks her to go inside by wiping her tears. Lakshmi goes inside.

Neelam asks Vijay who came than he says it’s laundry person. Lakshmi reaches to home. Neelam says I told you to take my permission before doing it but you increased problems of us by doing it. Lakshmi cries. Neelam sits saying your tears won’t solve it. Rishi comes inside. Karishma says did you know Rishi what she have done. Virendra says let’s think how to solve it. Ayush comes to them asking if they saw the news. Lakshmi says she asked me to get papers but I didn’t know that she calls media. Karishma says this is city and you don’t know about city tactics and you may get influenced seeing Tv shows but it’s life so inform us before doing anything. Lakshmi says I went to office as Dad asked me to go. Karishma says he didn’t asked you to meet Shanaya.

Malishka says this is sensitive case and you proved to everyone that Rishi’s culprit with your actions. Dadi sats it’s city and here people are not good like you and you increased the problems of Rishi. Sonia says Dadi is saying you smoothly but you created a mess.

Rishi says relax guys as Lakshmi don’t know that Shanaya will behave in this way and Dadi was correct Lakshmi thinks everyone is good like her so let’s think what we have to do next. Malishka says Lakshmi is not kid to do mistakes. Virendra stops her. Karishma says Malishka loves us and she tells to Lakshmi that she proved Rishi as molester by meeting that Shanaya. Lakshmi cries. Karishma says stop your tears, as it’s you who is reason for ruining our reputation. Ayush tries to stop his Mom but she won’t listen than she says if you’re my daughter in law than I may throw you out from my house.

Bhagya Lakshmi 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Ayush says it’s enough. Karishma says she don’t deserve Rishi. Ayush asks his Mom to stop it. Karishma asks what he wants to tell. Ayush says it’s not Lakshmi mistake so I can’t see her getting insulted. Everyone looks on.

Rano mocks Shalu and Bani and she tells them that Rishi’s family may throw your sister from their place as she increased Oberoi’s reputation. Shalu takes Bani to their room and questions why she is crying. Bani asks what if Jiju mistaken Our sister actions. Shalu says Jiju and Ayush will take care of everything.

Karishma questions Ayush what’s he saying. Ayush says Lakshmi went to mert Shanaya after informing me and I gave her legal drafted papers and I know that Lakshmi may gets trapped and even she knows it but still went to meet her for Rishi and what you guys have done to remove blame from Rishi? Malishka asks if he wants to make Rishi’s life hell.

Virendra stops her. Ayush says you guys accepted the defeat not Lakshmi and she saved Rishi many times as she can feel Rishi’s pain and she defended Rishi infront of media and she become Courage to Rishi and we are failed to do it and she proved that she is wife of Rishi by trying to save Rishi and he asks Rishi to thank Lakshmi and Shanaya is culprit and he trapped Lakshmi like she trapped Rishi and Lakshmi is victim in this situation but you’re making her culprit than he apologies to everyone for talking in high tone. Karishma says it’s blunder and you will know it soon. Rishi thanks Lakshmi which makes everyone gets shocked. Virendra feels happy.

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