Apna Time Bhi Aayega 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Rani tells herself that Nanthini seemed upset and before Jai does anything else, she need to find out the truth. Meanwhile Nanthini asks Champa that what the latter want to prove now by returning to palace. Champa tells her that she won’t let her snatch Jai. Nanthini tells her that the latter blabbing because she is losing. Champa tells her that she is not afraid of anything. Nanthini asks her to think about herself because she won’t back off now and she has full rights on Jai. Champa asks her to not fly too much. Jai overhears their conversation and scolds them for fighting like this. He warns Nanthini to not create any drama.

Then he tells Champa to leave from there saying that he will come to meet her. Nanthini asks him that don’t he feel ashamed to behave like this. He asks her to not interfere in his life. She asks him that will he slap her like earlier. He is about to slap her but stops seeing Rani there. Nanthini acts like nothing happened between them and takes Jai from there. Rani thinks that Nanthini hiding something from her for sure.

Later, Veer takes Rani somewhere. Rani smiles seeing the decorations and food. He tells her that today only they met first time and she forgot it but he didn’t. He says to her that they used to hate each other but now loves each other. He tells her that she is his life. She tells him that nothing is more important for her than him. She praises him for doing all this. He tells her that he prepared her favourite dishes. She gets excited and starts eating. Kajri sees them together and dreams of spending life with Vikram like that. Veer proposes Rani and she accepts the proposal. They confesses their love for each other and hugs.

Meanwhile Jai notices Champa and asks her that didn’t she left yet. She asks him that why he decided to stay in the palace. He tells her that Rani suspecting him already and her behavior will put him in trouble. She tells him that she has many evidence of their togetherness so he should not dare to get close to Nanthini. He tells her that their relationship will continue. Rani overhears their conversation and thinks that Jai don’t deserve Nanthini so she should throw him out of Nanthini’s life and for that she need to expose him.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

She tells everything to Veer. He tells her that he already knows that Jai won’t change. She tells him that they should talk to Nanthini first. They goes to Nanthini. Veer asks her that is she happy in her marriage life. She lies to him that everything is fine and she is so happy with Jai. He asks her that why she is lying to him. Nanthini recalls Malini’s words and asks him to believe her. He hugs her saying that he trust her. Next day, Kajri decides to confess her feelings to Vikram. Rani spikes Jai’s drink so he confess his wrongdoings. Servant gives the juice to Jai.

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