RadhaKrishn 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Krishna continues describing Maa Durga’s story and says there is involvement of maa Durga in Ravan’s end and goes into flashback where Vibhishan meets Ram. Ram says he is unable to defeat Ravan even with Bali and Hanuman in his team. Vibhishan says he can’t as Ravan is Praying Maa Parvati, so he should pray Maa Durga. Ram thanks him and thinks he will win the battle after making maa Durga happy.

Out of flashback, Nishant and others say they will prays maa Durga and make her happy. Sam seeing Jara trying to leave thinks he will not let Jara go. He follows Jara and asks if he is breaking his promise and leaving silently. Jara says let him go. Sam stops him and asks him to get whatever he wants to by praying maa Durga. Jara agrees.

Radha is busy drawing rangoli when Krishna joins her. He applies color on her face. she runs behind hm. He holds her, and she smiles. He says he is thankful to maa Durga that she returned his smiling Radha. They continue to play around romantically. In the evening, Radha Krishna perform maa Durga’s pooja and show aarti to everyone.

Jara says Krishna gave him so much respect and kept him in his palace, he didn’t know about shakti pooja before coming here, so he wants to stay back and perform shakti pooja with them. Krishna asks Radha’s opinion. Radha says his student can stay back for pooja. Krishna thinks why Radha doesn’t look fearful this time. Jara says he wants to perform pooja like Ram.

Krishna continues story and goes into flashback where Ram performs maa Durga’s pooja. Vibhishan says he arranged everything for pooja except neel kamal/blue lotus and he can make maa Durga happy by submitting 108 neel kamal. Ram says its very difficult to find 108 rarely available neel kamal. Vibishan says he can get them via his arrows. Rama agrees and shoots arrows in lake.

RadhaKrishn 7th-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Arrows return with 108 neel kamal. Vibishan asks Ram to submit them maa Durga and get her blessings. Out of flashback, Nishant says sri Ram did a great job of getting 108 neel kamal. Krishna asks Jara to bring 108 neel kamal for pooja. Jara says he will try for sure and leaves. Sam thinks fool Jara shouldn’t have agreed, now he has to do something. Sam meets rishi Shukracharya and informs him about Jara accepting to bring 108 neel kamal asks him to get 108 neel kamal for him.

Shukracharya says neel kamal is a pure flower and only a pure soul can get it. Sam says even Shukracharya is pure souled. Shukracharya says he has revenge in his mind and hence impure.

Sam walks to Radha and requests to save Dwarka’s dignity as Jara failed to gather 108 neel kamal and hence is going. Radha asks how can he go. Sam says Krishna doesn’t want Jara in palace, hence he gave a tough task to Jara. Radha falls for his trick again and goes to speak to Krishna. Sam thinks Radha’s love will be the reason for Krishna’s end.

Precap :

Radha asks Krishna if he can bring neel kamal for her sake. Krishna says her wish is order for him and gets neel kamal. Mahadev thinks now Jara will ask whatever Sam asks him to.

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