Udaariyaan 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Tejo asking Jasmine if she got scared. Tejo says that if Jasmine says about Simran and Candy to anyone, she will tell her truth to Fateh, then she has to leave the house and Fateh’s life. Jasmine says that Fateh won’t believe her. He loves her so much and can’t leave without her. Tejo says that it’s her misunderstanding. She knows Fateh better and Jasmine doesn’t know what Fateh will do, if he finds that she lied to him. Jasmine is confident that he won’t do anything. Tejo says that Fateh won’t forgive her lie. Jasmine says that Tejo is also lying. Tejo says that her lie is to unite a mother and daughter whereas her lie is to seperate a son from a mother. Tejo says that she’s lying for someone’s happiness not to break anyone’s relationship. Tejo walks away.

Jasmine angrily comes back home. Fateh asks what happened, where she went from the academy. Jasmine says that she tried to move on forgetting the insults, but Tejo is badmouthing about her to everyone in the college. Fateh says that she is having a misunderstanding. Jasmine says that people glares at her and mocks her when she goes to the cantine. Fateh wants to talk to Tejo about it, but Jasmine stops him saying that she doesn’t want to become weaker in front of her. He shared this with him as she doesn’t want hide anything from him. She says to not trust Tejo if she says something bad about her. She hugs Fateh. Fateh feels that something is fishy, Tejo can’t do like this.

Family is playing with Candy. Jasmine comes there and angrily sees this. Tejo comes to Jasmine and warns her that she has Rupy’s burnt passport and asks Jasmine to think before doing anything. Simran phones Tejo to know if Jasmine didn’t create any problem. She asks If Candy spending night there, will create any problem. Tejo assures her that she will handle everything. Simran thanks Tejo and says that she can’t to unite with her family. Jasmine is overhearing Tejo. Tejo notices this and disconnects the call.

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Jasmine thinks of getting Rupy’s burnt passport from Tejo. Jasmine goes to Tejo’s room and searches the passport while Tejo and the family are busy in playing with Candy. Jasmine finds the locker and thinks that Tejo must have put the passport in the locker. Jasmine realises that the locker key is in Tejo’s bag and the bag is in the hall. Jasmine runs to the hall and see Tejo leaving for college. Jasmine asks Fateh to give her academy contract papers to show to an investor. Fateh says that the papers are with Tejo. Jasmine asks why everything is given to Tejo. She says that Tejo just went out and asks Fateh to get locker key from Tejo and give her those papers. Fateh agrees and goes.

Fateh asks Tejo for academy contract papers. As Tejo is getting late for college, Fateh asks her to give the locker key. Tejo gives the key to Fateh. Tejo recalls Fateh dropping her at her college before getting into the car. Jasmine spoils the water tap in washroom and sends Fateh to check it. She takes the locker and knows the passport to get the contract papers. Fateh goes to the washroom to check the leakage. Jasmine opens the locker. Fateh comes and says that they have to call the plumber.

Jasmine tries to find the passport. Fateh says that he will get the papers. He finds the papers and answer a call. Jasmine notices that Rupy’s passport is inside that contract papers. She swatches it saying that she failed find it. She leaves smiling. Tejo remembers about the passport and gets worried whatvif Fateh sees the passport. Tejo comes back home. She asks Fateh if he got the papers. Fateh says yes and returns the key and leaves. Tejo is relieved that Fateh didn’t see the passport.

Jasmine shows the passport to Sweety and says that Tejo blackmailed her with this. She will show Tejo the consequences of blackmailing her. She will expose Tejo’s secret then she will be out of the house and her and Fateh’s life. Sweety says that Rupy is aware of her act and if Tejo tells Fateh the truth, Fateh will ask Rupy and he will tell the truth to truth. Jasmine says that Fateh shouldn’t know the truth and she has to find another way to expose Tejo’s truth. Tejo’s bond with Kushbeer is getting stronger, she has to do something to break it.

Family is having dinner with Candy. Candy asks who made all these dish. Kushbeer says that Tejo made it. Kushbeer asks his tea. Jasmine says that she will make it as Tejo went out for some work. Kushbeer says that he will drink water. Nimmo says to let Jasmine make the tea so that she can learn household works too. Kushbeer agrees. Jasmine makes tea. She takes out a capsule and recalls how she read Kushbeer’s prescription and got to know about Kushbeer’s BP tablet. She mixes the capsule in the tea.

Other hand Tejo gives Kushbeer his BP capsule. Gurpreet asks if she checked the prescription. Tejo says that she brought it after checking it. Tejo goes to get tea for Kushbeer. Jasmine says that she brought the tea. Kushbeer asks Tejo to get the tea. Tejo gives Kushbeer the tea. Jasmine smiles on seeing Kushbeer taking the capsule and drinking the tea.

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