Choti Sardarni 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Seher tells Didiji that she will keep her promise and she will convince her brothers too. Rajveer tells Didiji that tomorrow they are going to Seher’s house. Didiji notices some books and asks Seher about it. Seher replies that she is going to become a mother first time so she want to know about pregnancy. Didiji smiles at her and leaves the room. Rajveer reads the book for Seher and reads about true love. Seher closes her eyes and shocks seeing Rajveer. She recalls that how Rajveer stood by her side and also how he protected her always. He notices her expression and teasingly asks her that did she really saw someone. She tells him that nothing like that and they lays on the bed.

Next day, Tricky asks Badi B that why Karan and Param are upset and they are not playing with him and didn’t had breakfast too. Seher comes there and asks Badi B that didn’t the latter convinced her brothers to have breakfast. She goes to the kitchen. Rajveer asks Tricky about Param and Karan. Tricky replies that they are in the backyard so the latter moves from there. Karan and Param asks Rajveer to leave from there. Rajveer asks them to understand his situation too. He asks them that what they would have done it if Seher asks their first baby from them then. He reveals that Didiji tried to commit suicide and it’s also true that Didiji lost her baby while saving him. Karan asks him that how can the latter even say all this to them.

Seher comes there and feeds Param and Karan and scolds them for skipping their breakfast. Param asks her to not cry. Karan promises to not skip his breakfast. They feeds her. She asks them that won’t they believe her. They tells her that they trust her more than themselves. They says to her that she can’t live happily because of her decision. She asks them to promise that they won’t get angry and will stay happy. They promises to her and glares Rajveer. Badi B takes Param and Karan inside the house.

Rajveer tells Seher that they should go to meet Gayatri. They reaches the hospital. Nurse asks them to go to the lab to test for artificial insemination. Didiji comes there and asks them about artificial insemination. Doctor explains the procedure of artificial insemination. Didiji drags Rajveer to a room and asks him that how can he do this with her. She reminds him that Sonu is just her baby so artificial insemination won’t happen. She lashes out at him and Seher and tells them that she won’t agree for artificial insemination no matter what.

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She starts breaking the things and screams Gayatri’s name. Rajveer and Seher asks her to calm down. Gayatri comes there with Nurse and scolds Nurse for creating a misunderstanding. She tells Didiji that Nurse was supposed to take another couple to the lab for artificial insemination procedure. Rajveer tells Didiji that this is what they also wanted to explain her. Didiji apologizes. Nurse takes Rajveer and Seher from there. Didiji holds Gayatri’s hand and warns her to not hide anything from her otherwise the latter will lose everything.

Precap –:

Rajveer makes Seher laugh.

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