Rishton Ka Manjha 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Ajit asks Arjun to not to say anything against him because he has heard his nonsense talks about him. Just because they are from a respectful family he is not saying anything and keeping his mouth shut. Arjun tells that he will call the police so that everyone will get to know about Ajit’s truth. Ajit’s sisters asks Mohan they are deliberately insulting their family like this or what. Arjun tells everyone that its Mohan who made the mistake.

Diya asks Arjun to stop saying anything against her father also tells him that she knows very well that her father always wishes her the best and if her father wants her to get her marry to Ajit then she will. Amitabh asks his mother to not to say anything to defend Arjun also blames Madhuri for whatever happening is because of her only. He further tells that guests and media is waiting and if they gets to know everything that’s happening here then they will have to face humiliation.

Tina’s father tells its not them its him and his daughter has to suffer. Madhuri cries and tells it’s all because of Diya who manipulated Arjun in the name of badminton and Arjun fall into her words. She then tells that she is going to Diya’s house but Tina comes there and tells that if there is someone who needs to talk to Diya then it’s her because she is the one who marrying Arjun. She also tells Madhuri that she promised her to not to let Arjun go near the badminton also stay with his family so she is going to bring back Arjun. Tina’s father tries to stop her but she asks him to let her go then leaves the room. Nikharika tells that there should be someone with Tina so asks her in law’s permission to go with Tina. Amitabh gives her the permission so she follows Tina.

Rishton Ka Manjha 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Meera asks Arjun why he is here when he has his own marriage today. She also asks him what he wants from them and why he is humiliating their family like this that too infront of the society. She then tells Arjun that she will call the police now. Mohan stops Meera and tells her that after hearing Arjun’s words now he is doubting his own decision. He wants his daughter Diya to be happy and wants the best always but now he needs a proof. Ajit’s sister asks Mohan is this their plan to insult her brother and the family. Morgan’s brother apologises to Ajit’s family and scolds Mohan for taking like this that too believing Arjun’s words. He also asks Mohan if the groom family leaves the house today then Diya will never get married to anyone and will be a unmarried person for her whole life. Meera gets shocked. Mohan tells his brother that he do understand what he is saying but at the same time he can’t put his daughter’s life at stake so he wants a proof. Tina asks the driver to go to Bhavaniphur and gets into the car. Nikharika also follows her. Reporters watches this. One of the reporter tells that she is the one who is Arjun’s fiancee and wonders why she is leaving the venue that too before her marriage.

Another reporter tells that there must be something big is happening that’s the reason Tina is leaving the venue and to find out what it is they have to go the venue. Everyone agrees and goes to the venue. Diya tells Arjun that Ajit supporting her dream to play badminton after marriage too the other day when he asked her whether his fiancee will approve her playing badminton after marriage or not she asked Ajit Ajit who agreed. She then asks Ajit that whatever Arjun told about him is true or not. Ajit remains silent which shocks everyone. Arjun tells that he wont let Diya gets married to someone like Ajit at all. Tina gets angry so she throws the driver and sits in a driver seat and goes towards Diya’s house fast. Niharika gets scared and asks Tina to drive the car a little slow but she doesn’t listen so Niharika thinks that her idea to accompany this crazy Tina is wrong and asks God to save her life.

Diya’s aunt asks her husband to call the police so that they can make Arjun leave the house. She also asks her husband to call Arjun’s mother who the other day came here and warned Diya let her see it’s not Diya it’s her son who is behind Diya’s back. Ajit’s sister asks how could they hide all this from them. Mohan and Meera looks worried. Diya’s neighbour’s tells that her sister told way back that one day Arjun will marry Diya because she has seen them both roaming on his car. She asks what kind of relationship they share.

Arjun tells that he and Diya has a relationship also the one they have is pure and its none other than the love they have for badminton. He also tells that he as a friend and well wisher of Diya wanted to achieve everything in her life and want her to get the best in everything in her life that’s one of the reason why he is here today to take Diya to the competition after her marriage. He came here to request Diya’s husband to let her play badminton after marriage but the moment he saw its Ajit he decides to stop this marriage at any cost. Ajit loses his cool and asks Arjun to leave the place or else he wont spare him. He also threatens Arjun Arjun which shocks everyone. Arjun tells Ajit that he wont let him marry Diya because he doesn’t deserve her. Ajit calls Mohan by his name and tells him that he has done so many things to get Diya so he won’t let anyone stop him from marrying Diya. Everyone gets shocked seeing Ajit’s rude behavior.

Precap: Ajit shows everyone the newspaper in which both Arjun and Diya’s picture has been published. Ajit’s sister tells that they don’t want Diya as their house daughter in law and breaks the alliance and leaves with her family. Mohan cries and gets a chest pain then falls to the ground. Diya and Arjun gets shocked.

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