Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Sanjana is in front of a tarot card reader and Elena is present at the same place. The tarot card reader reads her card and says that she’s really unlucky in terms of love as she falls for either someone who doesn’t like commitments or someone who is already committed. Sanjana agrees and says yes. The reader says she has an obstacle in her love life. Sanjana says yes I am in love with a married guy. Sanjana thinks the obstacle is Sonakshi. Elena who is in search of Sanjana comes to the place and hears the last line Sanjana says but she is on the other side and is unable to detect that it is sanjana. By the time Elena comes there, Sanjana had left.

Here, Ishwari does the puja and ties thread to kids. Suhana asks what this thread is for and if it is a friendship band? Ishwari says yes it’s a friendship band for god. Suhana says okay. Ishwari then ties it to all the kids. Ayush asks one extra thread for his video game so Ishwari gives him. Suhana also asks for one extra thread, Ishwari gives her. Suhana ties it to Ishwari saying she wants her to be god’s friend too. Ishwari gets touched by this feeling. All the kids tie thread to Ishwari and she feels touched. Everyone spend family time.

Later, Ishwari worries about Sanjana, so Dev assures her he will handle it. Sonakshi asks Ishwari to break her fast as she has diabetes. Ishwari thinks how Sanjana is not a good fit for the family and she doesn’t want to lose to Suhana. She prays to god for betterment.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Here, Sanjana is doing black magic on Dixit family members and thinks to destroy everyone and get close to Dev. Here, Sonakshi leaves the kids at school and asks them not to leave until and unless either she or Dev come to pick them. They agree. She gives more tips to the kids.

Later, Sanjana apologies falsely to Dev and Sonakshi. While Sonakshi will be sceptical but Dev believes it. Dev asks Sanjana to move to Mumbai while Sanjana will make excuses of money problems and she has no one there. Dev agrees. Sanjana is about to touch Dev’s hand for extra sympathy hut Dev takes away his hands unintentionally. Later, Dev gives Sanjana another chance. Sonakshi gets to know of it and questions Dev.

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