Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Sonakshi is in the office, Sanjana explains when she met Dev she did not know he was married and was not even aware of her relation with Soha, she explains she never had any intention of making these relations important for her, she informs Sonakshi how she even tried to not reveal her feelings to Dev as the one sided love, she explains she never thought Soha would become the string which would make Dev and Sanjana live together, Sonakshi getting mad asks her to stop,

asking if she knows who thinks like this, she explains that such people are mad, Sanjana is living in her imaginary would, Sonakshi replies she might be true in saying she did not know that Dev was married at first but she came to know about it afterwards and knew he had three children, even then she had the guts to come into her house and express her love for him, Sanjana starts weeping, she asks if she knows why Dev hired her,

it was only because of her work, Sonakshi mentions she hid her doubts and then accepted Sanjana so this is why she invited her to her house, but Sanjana went into her bedroom, Sonakshi asks Sanjana to stay away from her family and especially her daughter, Sanjana explains her feelings for Dev are genuine and Soha is the only blood relation which she has, Sonakshi says Sanjana doesnot have the right to make a family because those who try to break the family of others do not have any right to start their own.

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Sonakshi mentions she felt bad for Sanjana after knowing she doesnot have any family, she also knows how it feels to lose the mother, she felt more bad after realizing that her boyfriend left her, but this is what she deserves after what she has done as she is just selfish and self-centered, Sonakshi asks if she knows why is Dev not in the office explaining that he doesnot even want to see her face and has made all the arrangements to transfer her to the office in Mumbai so she is far fart away from her family and their lives,

she should take back all the steps which she took in the life of Dev, Sonakshi in her anger takes the bouquet which Sanjana has brought, thrashing it against the desk so that all of the petals fall on the floor, she then even throws it all on the floor, she asks Sanjana to remember what she has done to her in this office, she calling Ramesh orders him to clean the office as neither Dev nor herself like any sort of rubbish, Sanjana with a broken heart turns back walking out from the cabin, Sonakshi sits at the chair in anger.

Sanjana comes out to the office when two employees talk about how Sonakshi mam yelled at her, they wonder what Sanjana has done to cause this, Sanjana walks away from there.

Sanjana reaches her bedroom in the apartment, she hugs the torn bouquet which only has one single flower left in it, she takes out the perfume which Dev likes so she can smell it, Sanjana turns to the mirror recalling how Sonakshi said she doesnot deserve any family when she has tried to ruin her, Sanjana recalls each and every bad thing which Sonakshi said, she throws the bottle at the mirror which breaks it, Sanjana then goes to thrash the entire room,

Rena comes, seeing her gets tensed, she immediately requests Sanjana to calm down and explain what did Dev said, Sanjana mentions she said Sanjana doesnot deserve to have anyone in her life as she lives in her own world, Rena asks what did Dev say, Sanjana mentions Sonakshi Dev said this and said that she cannot even come near Soha, even when she her aunt, Sanjana picks the photo which she has of Sonakshi and Dev, she rubs it against the floor.
Sonakshi is cleaning the room, Dev coming to her asks if she was not too much rude with Sanjana, Sonakshi replies it was necessary since Sanjana thinks a lot about herself, she got really irritated with it all,

Dev sitting beside her exclaims she has fulfilled all of the tasks in the office and the house but this situation was really complicated yet she even fulfilled it all, he is really impressed, Dev tickles Sonakshi, she questions what is he doing since everyone is awake, Dev exclaims she is his wife so can he not even romance with her, Sonakshi replies even she is a bachelor so there is no chance, Dev in a state of confusion goes to sit on the stairs, Sonakshi then brings him to the bed while she sits beside him.

Sanjana leans against the bed, exclaiming Sonakshi said a lot of things while sitting on that chair, she crossed her limits, she exclaims what wrong has she done that Sonakshi got so angry with her, Sonakshi wants to make it a fight between the truth and false, now it is her turn, she would surely snatch her family from Sonakshi, now she would see her face each and every day, because now Dev sir would leave Sonakshi to come to her, she said Sohana cannot come near Sanjana and neither can she not go near her, Sanjana exclaims she would not just take Sohana but her other two children in front of her eyes, she says Sonakshi has a lot of pride over her family which is why she said so much but now she will take away Sonakshi’s family from her.

Dev is with Sonakshi asking wh6y is she leaning on his hand while there are so many pillows, she replies they are for him as she feels nice resting with him, he hits her hand, she questions what he did, he replies it is the pillow fight, she gets tensed, Dev questions what she is thinking about, Sonakshi replies she is worried if Sanjana says something to Sohana, they both lie down to sleep.

Sanjana in her room picks up the photo bring it, Rena questions what she is doing, then throws away the photo exclaiming what she is doing as it is just madness.

In the morning Ishwari is giving the smoke after the pooja, Dev comes to the table, even Sonakshi takes the smoke, when Ishwari asks her to call the children to the table after eating anything, Sonakshi leaves when Dev exclaims this means Ishwari has kept a varth today, Ishwari replies that she kept the varth for the safety and protection of the children, Dev is really worried after hearing how Ishwari is planning to keep the Nirjala Varth.

Sanjana in her room is seeing the video of Dev playing with Sohana, she applies the blue nail polish as it is the favourite colour of Dev, she then prints out the family photos of Dev, exclaiming Sonakshi said all those things to her so would now see what she is capable off.

Precap :

Sanjana enters the office of Dev apologizing to him, she requests for a second chance exclaiming that it was all just a mistake, she tries to touch his hand while he is looking away, Sonakshi coming to the office questions what is going on, Dev gets shocked to see her, even Sanjana feels worried.

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