Bade Acche Lagte Hain 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Priya crying for Meera. She says Ram has to tell me if he doesn’t want to marry me. She messages Ram. Ram is fallen behind the car. Priya goes. The drama company guys come. The guy asks did you meet your Ram ji. She says he left. He says Ram ji comes on the day of Vijay Dashami, we will find him and bring. She says no thanks. He says we will find him. Priya gets Meera’s sorry message. The guys look for Ram. Ram calls the doctor.

He faints down. The guy sees him. He asks his name. Ram gets up and says Ram… The guy says Priya was finding him, his phone was doctor’s number, we will save him, we have come. Priya comes to the community hall. Nandini says sorry, I can’t say anything else. Shubham asks how can we make a relation with them, Vikrant and Kunal have gone to handle the police. She says its about Ram and Priya, not you. Priya says no, its about you, Ram has a work to save his brother, what should I do, why did I become bad if my sister got hurt, Nandini loves her family, I love my family.

Meera asks her to calm down. She apologizes to Shubham. Priya says same thing is happening again. She asks her to stop it and come. Nandini apologizes to Meera. She says its wrong to say wrong about our family. Brinda says I will call Ram, he will come back. Priya says no need, no marriage will happen here, especially mine. Akki says I want to stay with my family now. Shivi cries.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Meera says Ram will keep his promise, he will come, mahurat is still left. Priya asks what will he say, we have 15 mins, we will take rounds. Ram comes and says yes. Shivi runs and hugs him. Brinda asks where did you go. Ram thinks if I tell her that I was ill, then she won’t believe, it will be a drama. Priya says its okay, we understood, we were leaving. He asks where are you going, don’t you want to marry, you promised, right, did you change your mind. She asks did I, you left from the marriage.

He says I m sorry for my anger, I can’t see my brother get arrested, who will dance in the marriage, I went to resolve it, I will marry, right mom. Nandini says of course. Ram says that’s the plan as promised, I never step back from my promises, I went to calm my anger, we can marry, I m going to the mandap, come if you want, else you will leave me, because I will never leave you, not today or ever. Ram goes and sits in the mandap.

Meera cries happily. Priya recalls Meera and Nandini’s words. She wears the garlands and goes to the mandap. Ram ties the gathbandhan. Ram and Priya sit in the mandap. The marriage rituals begin. Mahender does Priya’s kanyadaan. Mama ji keeps his phone there. He asks Nandini to shower flowers. Nandini does it unwillingly.

Ram and Priya take the wedding rounds. Ram thinks I don’t know how Priya will react, I m scared of her thinking. Bade acche…plays… Kunal comments on their bad moods. Brinda says I will make their moods better. Adi says don’t know its her romantic side or foolishness. Ram fills sindoor in Priya’s maang. Priya thinks I can do anything for Akki and mum’s happiness. Meera smiles happily.

Ram makes Priya wear the mangalsutra. Everyone smiles. Sandy gets Mama’s phone and puts it in the water jar. She smiles. She says make more videos. She throws the phone in the trash bin and pours water on it. She goes. Brinda asks Sara can we make a team to bring Ram and Priya together. Sara says we have to do something, okay. Brinda says done. Ram thinks marriage is done, how will we keep it all our lives.

Precap :

Ram apologizes to Meera. They all take pics. Priya apologizes to Shubham. Ram thanks Priya. She says you are welcome.

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