Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Ram asking Inspector what’s the matter. Inspector says Shubham has to come with us. Shubham says you are taking revenge on me, because I gave you the contract papers. Ram asks Priya. Priya says Sandy got hurt, we have seen the car. Shubham ask did you see me driving. Ram asks why didn’t you tell me before. Nandini says you should have talked to me. Shubham says I m not going to tolerate this. Priya says I didn’t know who is driving, but… Mama ji says police is here to arrest him. Shubham argues with Priya. He asks why are you doing this.

Sara says we filed the complaint, we didn’t know its your car. Shubham asks why did police come to arrest me. Ram asks did you see Shubham driving. Priya says no. He defends Shubham. He coughs. She says Sandy was hurt, you are saying as if its our mistake. He says its wrong to blame Shubham, I trust him. Shubham says I don’t know who was driving the car. Priya says its my work to protect my sister. Ram says its my work to protect my brother, I don’t want any more drama. He removes the gathbandhan cloth and goes. Meera cries.

Ram says its wrong, whatever happened with Shubham, call the lawyer, close this chapter. Adi says you are feeling unwell. Nandini comes and asks Adi to go, she will call the lawyer herself. She asks Ram to cancel the marriage. She gets a call. She says fine, I will hold. She says I know why you wanted to do this marriage, Shiva isn’t pregnant, you kept your word, its too much now. She says I would have done this if it was Shubham in your place, stay here, I will go home and handle everything. Shubham asks can we go home, I don’t want to stay here. Shiva asks where is Ram. Nandini dumps the garlands. She says Ram left. Priya and her family get shocked.

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 5th October 2021 Written Update:

Meera says we didn’t know that Shubham was driving, we filed the complaint for Sandy’s sake. Maitri says I m sorry, Priya got a call from the police, he told about the car found, I asked them to go and arrest, I didn’t know they will come here, else I would have refused. Priya says because its not a big thing that Sandy got hurt. She says I have many questions, I will talk to Ram and clear this thing. She goes to Ram.

Adi says Nandini is talking to the lawyer. Brinda asks where is Ram. Adi says Ram is very angry. Brinda says you don’t get angry, Shubham can do this, he maybe at fault, Ram thinks his brother is perfect, his family is ideal, we have to stop Ram before his selfish family makes him do anything wrong. He says you are right, don’t force him if he doesn’t want to marry. Priya hears them.

Shashi gets a call. He asks Mahender did Ram and Priya happen. Mahender says you made me do that man’s accident, who was he, please tell me. Shashi says I m still paying you and raising your family, tell me, did the marriage happen. The call disconnects. Ram gets Shivina’s call. Akki asks did he answer. She signs no. Priya says where did Ram go. Nandini comes to her. She says he left, Priya, he won’t come back. She says I can’t believe this. Ram goes coughing. He calls the doctor. He thinks Shivi is calling, everyone would be worried. Nandini and Priya don’t see Ram. Meera asks did you see your dad, he is needed here. Sara says he never did anything. Meera says baraat is returning, we have to save the marriage from breaking, Priya will break down. Sara says I know, I will look for dad. Mahender says Shashi ji, I want an answer, is that man is Ram’s dad, then… He calls Shashi. Meera comes and asks what are you doing here. He says nothing. She asks him is he happy, won’t he do anything to save Priya’s marriage. He says yes, I was calling Ram, you think I m lying. She asks do you have number. He says I took number from his friend, help me save Priya from this mess. Sara consoles Meera and asks her to talk to Nandini.

Priya says if Ram left the marriage, then I won’t change his decision. Nandini says I know you have self esteem, our families have no match, I m not talking about equality. Ram coughs a lot. Nandini says this alliance isn’t right. Priya says we were doing this marriage for our families. Nandini says then don’t do this marriage, both families can have fights and tension, I can understand the bitterness children have in bitter families, don’t worry for Shivi and Akki’s marriage, I promise, I will talk to Akki and convince him, I m Ram’s mum, he is my stepson, but a son, how shall I get him married to such a girl, I mean you are a nice girl, I like you, but you aren’t right for Ram, Ram and you aren’t made for each other, don’t think that someone cheated you again, or this is your fate, I will pray that a nice guy comes and holds your hand, take care. She goes. She recalls the past moment. She says I won the best student award, Maitri wins the beauty contest. Sara says we will call her useless, come. Priya says let me go in, did dad come. Meera asks Mahender to wait, Priya will come, her result is coming. Mahender scolds her. Priya hears Mahender blaming Meera. She argues with him. FB ends. She cries.

Priya says if Ram doesn’t want to marry me then he has to tell me. The man asks did you meet your Ram ji. She says he left. He says we will get him. The drama company men find Ram fallen unconscious. Nandini says Ram left. Priya says marriage won’t happen here. Nandini smiles.

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