Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 5th October 2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with everyone complimenting Priya. Ram sees Priya coming. Maitri says we won’t let Ram put the varmala easily. Din shagna di….plays… Priya thinks I m getting married today, my dad cursed me that I will never get married. Ram thinks I know we are similar, though we are strangers, we have locked our hearts, today we are holding each other’s hands.

Pandit says we will start the varmala now. Adi and Kunal lift Priya. Everyone laughs. Brinda says you won’t let Priya so easily. Mami asks Ram to work hard to get Priya. Mama says yes, work hard. Ram asks how will I put the garland. Shivi says Ram can’t lose, else how will my marriage happen. Adi and Kunal put Priya down. Brinda says we were leg pulling. Ram coughs. He asks for water. Nandini asks are you fine. Ram says yes, I m thirsty. Sandy goes to get water. Ram and Priya exchange garlands.

Shubham and Nandini look at Mama ji. Everyone claps. Priya thinks what happened to Ram. Ram thinks why am I feeling so hot, did my bp get high. Sandy takes the water. Mami asks what are you adding in this, you like to spike drinks. Sandy says I don’t know. Mami says you might know, as you sow, as you reap. Sandy says she is going to do something. She sees the tv screen. She asks is Mama ji also with Mama. Akki comes and takes the water for Ram.

Everyone takes pics with Ram and Meera. Meera gives them gifts. Ram drinks the water. He says I m better. Brinda asks are you okay. Ram says I feel something is stuck in my throat. Brinda says you are lying, you are feeling hungry. Ram says I m okay. Priya asks Akki to tell the manage to check AC, is it not working.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 4th-Oct-2021 Episode Written Update:

Akki says you are worried for your would be husband. Akki goes and asks the man to increase the AC cooling. Sandy hears Mami saying Priya and Neeraj’s truth will come out in front of everyone. The man plays the video. The power goes. Sandy says I have to delete the video copy. Meera says I will go and see.

Priya stumbles. Ram asks her to be careful. The lights come. Sandy says no, switch off the lights. Akki says AC temp was increased, so it was overload. Manager says sorry, one phase is down, AC and LCD tv won’t work now. Sandy smiles. Priya says just get the AC on. Shubham and Shivi says yes, do it fast. Manager says I will get extra fan for you. Ram says I m okay, we will do next rituals. Nandini says you can’t manage without AC. Ram says I m okay. She says fine, as you want.

Meera says I have done good deeds in the last birth that I got such a son-in-law. Maitri attends the inspector’s call. He says we found about the car. Maitri says its good, go and arrest him. Ram and Priya sit in the mandap. She asks are you fine. He says I m nervous, its my first time marriage. She says I m not nervous. He says you make everyone nervous. Mama says we couldn’t show the video on tv. Sandy thinks to stop them. Pandit says call the bride’s dad for kanyadaan. Mahender comes and says I will do it.

Everyone gets surprised. Neeraj says he had to come, he is getting related to Ram. Sara taunts him. Meera signs Priya not to say anything. Mahender gives flowers to Ram. Ram says thanks. Mahender says I m the girl’s dad, I will do the kanyadaan. Ram says its a dad’s right to do kanyadaan. Brinda says Ram did all this, I know.

Adi says Ram would have thought right, I m not getting a right feeling seeing this man. Priya thinks why will Mahender do my kanyadaan, he didn’t raise me, how can he do it, maybe Ram invited him, he made a mistake. Ram coughs a lot. Brinda gets water. Priya thinks he isn’t able to tolerate the heat. Priya goes and opens the windows. Brinda and Meera smile. Shivi brings their dad’s pic and keeps there.

Mahender does the gathbandhan. He sees the pic and gets shocked. Ram says he is my dad, he died in an accident, but he stays in my heart. Mahender thinks this man is Ram’s dad, his accident…. He recalls the accident. Meera helps Mahender in the gathbandhan. Priya thinks Ram did all this and didn’t tell me. Police comes. Inspector tells the car number. Mama says Shubham’s car. Inspector asks is it your car, Mr. Shubham. Shubham says yes, why. Inspector says an accident happened by that car, a girl was going to get hit by it, we got a complaint against you.

Precap :

Ram asks Priya did you see Shubham driving. Priya says you are saying as if its our mistake, Sandy was hurt, its my work to protect my sister. Ram says I have to protect my brother. He removes gathbandhan and leaves.

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