Mere Sai 5th October 2021 Written Update:

Udhav notices the mess outside his house and asks his mother. She shares that officers did this. They could search normally too. Is this important? They think we are animals! We haven’t don’t anything wrong. Why must we go through this then? Ali and Bheema assure her that they will fix everything.

Don’t worry. She says it isn’t about things. These people will come again tomorrow and wreak havoc. Is there no one who can stop them? She notices Sai taking the injured kid and man to Dwarkamai. What happened to us is nothing compared to what they are going through. Go and help them. They nod and head to Dwarkamai.

Ali asks Sai if they can help Him in any way. Sai declines. Nothing is required right now. Udhav insists that there must be something that they can do. Bheema nods. We feel helpless as we aren’t able to help anyone. Sai says it is all happening because of Maan Singh. Why are you feeling helpless? He tells Udhav to think about what his mother had said. They will come again tomorrow and do the same thing. Is there no one who can save them? Udhav, Ali and Bheema leave sadly. Udhav’s mother starts picking things from outside one by one. Sai gives water to the kid.

Udhav, Ali and Bheema discuss the atrocities of the officers. Bheema points out that even a kid knows that no one can hide in an effigy. They entered in puja room with shoes! Ali reiterates the orders in the letter. Bheema says this is servitude. Remember what Sai and Maan Singh had said? Let’s talk to them. They leave. Santa and Banta have overheard everything. Sai looks at the pile of woods and picks up a rope.

Srikanth’s guests reach their destination. A mentally imbalance kid holds one of the guys by his neck. His friend and wife try to convince Nattu to free him but in vain. He ends up pushing them away. Sai throws the rope towards the woods.

Mere Sai 4th-Oct-2021 Episode Written Update:

Both of them pray to Sai for help. The other person starts loosening up. Sai remarks that nothing will happen to him. He pulls the wood away and Nattu gets pushed aside on his own. He gets startled and runs away. Others help the person sit down. His wife asks him if he is fine. It seemed as if you wont be able to get out of Nattu’s clutch but he was pushed behind suddenly. He nods. I heard Sai’s voice when I thought I wont survive. He said that nothing will happen to me. That’s when Nattu let go of me. His friend reminds him of Sai’s words. They thank Sai.

Sai smiles in Dwarkamai. Allah Maalik! Ali, Bheema and Udhav come to meet Maan Singh in godown. Udhav clears that they haven’t come here to harm him or hand him over to Britishers. Bheema says it isn’t you but they who are wreaking havoc on everyone. We accept this truth now. Maan Singh smiles. Looks like you have understood the meaning of servitude. They all sit down. They ask Maan Singh why he is looking at them like this. Maan Singh shares that he was like them till a few years ago. You seethe with anger when you see injustice happening around you. They will not spare us ever!

Sarkar asks Major Billy why he had to do all this. Why did you abuse villagers and put an end to celebrations? Maan Singh dint come here to hide but to abscond. Major Billy says I looked at the villagers here and realized that they aren’t afraid of us. They need to know what their status is. They must know that we can abuse them any time we want and they can do nothing! This is the message that I want to convey! Sarkar is furious but hides it from Major Billy.

Maan Singh says they value their own lives but not ours. Udhav asks him when he realized this. Maan Singh shares his story with them. 1500 people from my caste including my family were killed right in front of me! They will be at peace the day I free my country from Britishers. They turn around and notice Sai there.

Major Billy adds that there is another reason. I want to trouble the villagers so much that they will end up handing over Maan Singh to me! Santa and Banta come running there and inform Sarkar that they have news about Maan Singh. Sarkar thinks that they are dumb. They don’t know that they must tell me this in private.

Major Billy asks them what it is. Santa and Banta tell Sarkar that they overheard Udhav, Bheema and Ali speaking about Fakir helping Maan Singh. Sarkar says it means Fakir knows about Maan Singh. You dint pay heed to me earlier. I have been here since years. I know Him too well. I am sure Fakir is trying to help Maan Singh flee from Shirdi along with other villagers.

Ali tells Sai they have finally begun to know what real pain is. We thought our problems are big but they were nothing. Udhav says we have come to understand who we must fight against. All 3 of them touch Maan Singh’s feet but he stops them.

We must join hands instead of doing this. Sai has taught me that our unity will be our biggest strength in this fight. They join hands. Sai smiles. Ali tells Maan Singh they will help him escape from here safely. Maan Singh asks them why they are taking this risk. Ali says you are doing so much for us. We can atleast do this much. Bheema says no one can harm those who have Sai by their side. Sai blesses them.

Major Billy says Fakir and His allies will spend the rest of His life in jail if He is at fault.

Ali asks Sai how they will manage to help Maan Singh flee from Shirdi between so much security. Sai reasons that good intentions can help anyone succeed. Ram ji helps such people too. Maan Singh still doesn’t want to take any risk. We must be careful of what Sarkar and Major Billy are planning. Udhav says we will be on the lookout. We will meet again before Jhipri’s workshop to discuss it. Ali asks Sai to bless them. Sai gladly blesses them and excuses Himself.

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