Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

 Episode starts with Khanderao saying I didn’t expect anything from Malhar, I don’t want this Jashan, I m waiting for something else. Ahilya asks what. He asks didn’t Harku explain you. Parikshit comes and congratulates him for winning the people’s heart as a future king.

Khanderao says thanks, Malhar wasn’t there to wish me, he was busy in his work. Ahilya thinks Khanderao tells that he doesn’t care, but he is still upset, he has bitterness and annoyance in his heart. Parikshit asks who are those two girls. Ahilya says they are my friends, Renu and Sarja. Renu and Sarja give roses to Khanderao and says congrats. He says they have grown up and became beautiful.

Ahilya says you mean they weren’t beautiful before. He says I didn’t mean that. Ahilya tells about her friends. She introduces Parikshit to them. Servant comes and calls Khanderao. He says Malhar is waiting for you. Ahilya says I will also go, else Malhar and Khanderao will fight. Renu and Sarja stop her and say Harku is waiting for you, come. They leave.

Malhar says I wanted to come in the Jashan, I had to go, I asked Gangoba not to tell anyone about my trip, I had gone to meet Nana Saheb Peshwa, the Portugal soldiers have attacked the fort, we could have lost the fort. Khanderao asks why are you telling me, Gangoba told me that you had to go for imp work, I didn’t feel bad, I didn’t keep any hope. Malhar says you mean I planned to go out. Khanderao argues with him.

Malhar says I can’t tell this to others, but you have to know it, the Rajya security comes fast, a king has to think of people and Rajya first and then the family, you will be my in place soon and then understand why I did this, its a king’s Dharm. Khanderao says I wish this day doesn’t come in my life, I won’t let my son go away from me, neither physically or emotionally.

He goes. Gunu ji comes. He says sorry, Khanderao’s voice was coming out, I heard everything, he isn’t understanding you. Malhar says I regret that he isn’t understanding. Gunu ji holds his hand and says everything will be fine, he isn’t bad hearted, he is kiddish, I m with you always. Malhar smiles.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 4th-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Renu and Sarja make Ahilya ready. Harku says we will adorn Ahilya so well, that Khanderao will just see her, its their first night, it should be memorable. Ahilya gets shy and hides her face. Renu and Sarja tease Ahilya. Gautama comes and says Ahilya.

Ahilya goes to her. Gautama applies a black dot to her. She says its a beginning of new life for you, I pray that you both stay happy, all your wishes get fulfilled, I want to tell you, Khanderao’s heart is hurt again, he is much sad within, I know he will show that nothing has happened, everything is fine, but he will be crying within, just you can handle him and heal his wounds, you have to take care. Ahilya nods.

She says no pain or problem can reach Khanderao when I m with him. Gautama holds her face and smiles. They all leave. Ahilya waits for Khanderao. He comes in the room. He smiles seeing Ahilya. She gets shy. He holds her. He asks why are you getting shaken. She says I don’t know. He says look at me, open your eyes, is this your shyness or hesitation. She looks at him.

Precap :

Ahilya doesn’t find Khanderao beside her. She looks for Khanderao. She calls him out.

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