Vighnaharta Ganesh 5-Oct-2021 Written Update:

 Episode Start with Meera subsequent to finishing Pooja of her Prabhu tells each individual, who’ve accumulated to focus her petitions wherein Shehenshah Nawab notwithstanding his priest artist likewise are sitting in mask, says to them she has best one viewpoint to give them this is her dedication toward her Prabhu and starts offevolved making a melody supplications for her Prabhu even as in some time or another Nawab’s clergyman also joins her dropping himself making a tune without help from anyone else feeling Meera’s voice so engaging anyway Meera quits making a tune to focus him and he keeps making a tune anyway Nawab feels haggard so stops him and he on the double stops even as they all are looking him shockingly.

Meera says grinning looking toward him that no spectacular craftsman can control his fine art to hinder in such occasion so why a particularly shutting stupendous artist like Tansen should be halted and he’s shocked paying attention to roughly his call from Meera’s mouth therefore asks Nawab how she knew his call and he says he itself unveiled himself

. Meera says she knows about around him anyway he asks her how she distinguished him and she says her commitment toward her Prabhu is just difficult anyway he’s basically in her which spreads strength inside her anyway she moreover commends his voice articulating he’s any such awesome craftsman that is’ natural present to him so why he conceals his fine art at the rear of his Nawab and he says it’s inaccurate to talk at the rear of Nawab for whom he works and she says looking toward Nawab that she isn’t speakme at the rear of Nawab so then, at that point.

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Nawab also acknowledges she has recognized her therefore he approaches and proceeds with his chain toward the front of Prabhu’s venerated image unveiling his personality and commendations Meera a ton. Then, at that point, Meera begins offevolved making a melody along the edge of Tansen which carries delight to each individual looking them. Ganeshi says this way Meera demonstrated her dedication to toward her Prabhu to them whom she favored together alongside her voice and petitions therefore subsequently she developed transforming into notable in her commitment withinside the entire global spreading comprehension of commitment and expecting her Prabhu. Meera develops vintage and is sitting toward the front of her Prabhu asking him while he’ll come to accept her as she can’t anticipate extensive at this point.

Her vintage house keeper from Prabhu comes to educate her she is being recollected through method of method for her Praqbhu and Meera immediately takes Prabhu’s object of worship in her grasp and leaves in delight articulating her Prabhu is get together to remove her anyway the servant is making an endeavor to forestall her then too she doesn’t forestall and activities away even as each individual follows her and she is going near the equivalent royal residence wherein she had met her Prabhu in her last beginning anyway one in the entirety of her house keeper tells her there might be no such castle presently because of the reality it’s being washed away on account of floods 4500 years back and Meera is shocked paying attention to this accordingly plunks down articulating in throb that now Prabhu himself needs to get once again to take her from here up to that point she will not disappear from here.

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