Meet 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Anubha tells to Meet that until now you take cared of us and this time you have to prove that you’re perfect wife and daughter in law. Meet says it’s sudden happening and I’m not ready for these responsibilities so I’m scared. Anubha says your dad died suddenly but you take care of us becoming son so you can fulfill these responsibilities too and she gives gift cover to her saying it helps her when she needed than she asks Meet Ahlawat to take care of her daughter by forgetting the past incident and you will definitely realises that Meet is good at her heart. Anubha asks Meet to complete her Bidaai rasam. Meet performs Bidaai ritual in tears.

Meet stops seeing Manushi board on car, Raivardan changes board to Meet name by removing Manushi name. Anubha bids adieu to Meet in tears. Raj asks Deep if he can drive the car. Deep agrees than he sends Ishqi and Deep with Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Raj promises to Anubha that he will take care of Meet like his daughter. Anubha folds her hands Infront of him than he leaves in his car.

Meet Ahlawat notices Meet is holding the pillow he bought for her moonshine than he takes it from her forcefully. Deep asks which turn he have to take for Chandigarh. Meet tells him the way and car breaksdown in the way and Deepa checks it and says they have to call the mechanic. Meet asks if she can try. Meet Ahlawat scolds her to sit than he calls his Dad and informs their situation to him. Raj says he comes to them than he notices Meet is checking the car and he tells her that Dad is coming. Meet says no need as Car is set. Deepa checks it and says it’s working than Deep informs to Raj that they are coming to home. Meet notices her hand I’d dirty than he gives her kerchief. Meet cleans her hand than he says don’t mistook it as I care for my vehicle as I hate the dirt. Meet leaves keeping kerchief in his hand.

Babita impatiently waits for her Daughter in law and she gets happy seeing Raj and she asks where are Bride and groom. Raj says they are coming in other car and he tells her that he needs to tell important matter to her but Babita stops him saying she will listen to him post Grihapravesh. Masoom son tells to Babitha that uncle and ustad mami are coming. Babita says he is teasing her and she arranged everything to welcome Manushi.

Meet 4th-Oct-2021 Episode Written Update:

Meet and Meet Ahlawat reaches to home. Babitha asks ladies to pull down Duppatta as I’m waiting to see my daughter in law. Meet hides behind Meet Ahlawat when Duppatta drops. Babita asks is it ritual that she hide from me and she closes her eyes and asks her to come infront of her quickly. Meet Ahlawat pulls her forward. Babitha gets shocked seeing Meet and remembers how she insulted her previously than she asks Meet to get out from their place. Meet stands shocked.

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