Meet 4th-Oct-2021 Episode Written Update:

Episode Start with Anubha goes to orchestrate the Bidaai taking the plate. Kunal gives heavy add up to Pandit for causing them to get hitched. Manushi thinks her life is set with Rich spouse. Kunal thinks I gave such a lot of cash to Pandit however no compelling reason to stress as I became child in law of rich individuals and he requests that Manushi assume him to her position to take her folks gifts. Manushi says she needs to meet his folks. Both quarrels about it.

Raivardan says we can reach at 1 if Bidaai occurs on schedule. Ragini concurs. Masoom says it will be bad dream for mother as she don’t think about changes. Raj says first he will proceed to persuade Babitha. Ragini inquires as to whether he thinks Babitha gets persuaded as her heart isn’t feeling so. Meet Ahlwat comes to them. Smash gets some information about his better half. Meet says he don’t have the foggiest idea. Raj says she is your obligation. Ragini goes to get Meet.

Anubha goes to Ammaji room and tells her that Meet saved their standing and she requests that she favor Meet before Bidaai. Ammaji gestures than she puts gold coin in plate. Anubha says Manushi take everything than what will we provide for Meet. Ammaji requests that she give the gifts they got for marriage. Anubha look through which is acceptable.

Kunal and Manushi plans to remain in inn until their family concurs for their marriage. Ammaji sees the letter and she offers it to Anubha. Anubha peruses the letter which Manushi composed for Meet which states she is going out to cause her to get Meet Ahlwat as I found that you began cherishing him and Im prepared to assume fault on me for your hapiness that is the reason I’m venturing out from home to cause you to get the adoration and wed him in any case my penance will be squandered. Ammaji says I pardons Meet yet how I failed to remember that she destined to destroy us. Anubha says it’s false but rather Amma ji will have a hard time believing her.

Meet orchestrates tube light and she relegates Ram and Lakhan to deal with Dadi and her Mom. Ragini grins seeing her mindful side. Amma ji breaks the casing and says she will not leave Meet. Anubha shuts the entryway and remember that Meet merried as a result of us and she is little girl in law of Ahlawat family and you can’t reprimand her. Amma ji breaksdown saying it’s Meet arrangement and that is the reason she misled us and executed her arrangement to become Ahlawat Bahu and she tells to Anubha that Meet isn’t her granddaughter.

Meet 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Ragini comes to Meet and says first time she is seeing the lady who don’t need her family to deal with any issue without her and Bhaisahab is right with regards to you and she favors her and than she requests that Meet come for Bidaai.

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