Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 4th-Oct-2021 Episode Written Update:

Episode Start with Renu tells her that they need to go for Jogi shooting so for that they required new dress, that is the reason she is requesting that she come for shopping. Mahi tells to Renu that she would not like to go for the shooting as that will destroy Jogi life. She likewise tells that she said yes before in light of the fact that she doesn’t have some other choices. Jogi hears her words, he tells her that assuming she would not like to come, don’t come. Avneet tells to Jogi not to ruin his disposition as today is a major day for him.

Renu tells to Jogi that he don’t have cerebrum to get individuals. Jogi reminds Renu that she had shot projectile on him. Mahi tells to Jogi that she was simply attempting to legitimize herself and aslo advises him that he had guaranteed that he had excused Renu di and he could never bring this subject again. Jogi tells her that he remembers everything. Mahi then, at that point, lets him know he wearing for later so she will likewise wear a coordinating with dress with him. Jogi advises her to leave it and ask him not to come tomorrow for his shooting as everybody is coming, and advises her to more readily take rest. Mahi becomes dismal for him.

Jogi tells to Mahi as she generally gripes that he doesn’t take any choice without help from anyone else, so today he is accepting choice as she doesn’t care for him to sing such kinds of melody so there is no requirement for her to come for his shooting. He additionally tells that she doesn’t confide in him and donot support his tunes. Mahi attempts to persuade him that she needed to come for his taking shots at any expense. She lets him know that she needs to walk the existence venture with him and consistently remains with him. Jogi leaves from that point.

Avneet chuckles at Renu, she tells to Renu that how could she shot slug on her adoration. Renu tells her that she isn’t terrified of her, Renu attempts to slap Avneet yet she stops her and folds back her hand. At the point when Renu is undermining Avneet that she will kill her, Rupa returns from and stops her. Rupa tells her that how could she can say something to that effect to Avneet in her home. She tells to Renu that she should liberality towards her mom and her and let them live in their home. Avneet tells to pass on the make a difference to Rupa and tells her that today is the large day for Jogi so don’t focus on these things. Still Rupa request that Renu take off from her home by the actual present with her mom.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Rupa do Aarti for Jogi and furthermore Avneet as whatever distinction Jogi got are all a result of her. Biji request that Jogi call Mahi, he tells her that she isn’t accompanying them. Avneet goes to bring her vehicle. Mahi is prepared in her room and trusting that Jogi will come and ask her. Biji attempts to expalin Jogi that she is his significant other. In the entirety of his fun occasions just as awful occasions she will be there. Jogi tells her that ist better to be separated from everyone else thatn to remain with somebody and feels alone. He tells her that he generally helped Mahi in her desire, yet she generally felt that Jogi will do nothing he is simply pointless. Mahi is hearing everything.

Renu tells regarding what Rupa told them to her mom and tells her that we won’t tell about this to Mahi as alredy she is confronting such a great amount because of them.

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