Kumkum Bhagya 4th-Oct-2021 Episode Written Update:

Episode Start with Rhea comes there and gets disturbed seeing them sentiment eadg other. He holds her pallu and pulls her nearer. He embraces her from behind. Rhea takes an umbrella and goes to them as they continue to hit the dance floor with one another. She yells at them to stop their dance. They see her stunned.

Mitali lets Tanu know that she has heard him say that he doesn’t mind abd she can go any place she wahts. He said that he didn’t go to bring her. She says however she has an inclination that he has recently said that.

Rhea lets them know that Pallavi is calling them and saying that he will get cold. Ranbir requests that she let his mom know that he is infatuated with Prachi. He says that on account of her he came to think about adoration and how wonderful downpour is. Prachi requests that she not say any such thing and pulls Ranbir with her while he requests to remain in the downpour. Rhea takes a gander at their hands abd says that soon he will hold her hand.

Tanu lets Aliya know that she would have been courteous with Abhi. Mitali puzzles over whether their adoration didn’t begin once more. She says that they ought to apologize to Pragya first on the grounds that once they become one they will not have the option to remain. Tanu pushes her out of the room. She hears the thump again and she makes the way for see Pragya. Pragya requests that she avoid Abhi. She requests to begin the story all along. Tanu derides her. Pragya says he is as yet her better half. She asks her not to come into her room with underhanded goals. Pragya says she didn’t had any desire to show her right her yet presently she will. She requests that they meet her on the feasting table following day.

Prachi goes to her room putting on something else. She wipes his hair too and he wheezes. He says this is remarkable for him as she was with him in the downpour. She asks him for what reason he doesn’t care for downpour. He says this is a result of traffic. He says however he began loving it once he saw her moving in the downpour. He communicates how he felt when he saw her first. She gets glad. She finds out if he was there. He says yes. He embraces her from behind and the two of them embrace one another.

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Rhea is irate recollecting about Prachi and Ranbir’s closeness. She gets a call from her companion and finds out if did she go. She says she became acquainted with about her. She tells her that she is in lodging as she battled with her better half.

Pragya decends the steps. The house cleaners say that they didn’t cook as she has asked them not to. Sushma comes there and tells her that she has gone to Temple. Dadi tells her that she came to het space to apologize to her to which Pragya asks her not to. Tanu accompanies the family and asks her where is breakfast. Pragya says there is no morning meal. She says they didn’t care for her food thus Mitali will cook regular since they disliking any other person’s. She requests that Shagun and Anchal tell her where the things are.

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