Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Mahi telling to Renu why she leaving her with mumy, why didn’t she informs her before all of a sudden how could they decide to leave her. Mahi says they are her strength. She cannot think of her life without them. She begs infront of her mom to stop her from leaving her house. Renu tells her that they have decided and now they are leaving. She tells her that mumy and Renu they both neede a permanent roof on their head. Renu explains Renu that she should now face Avneet, as there will be no more problems from their side. Renu ask her not to come with them instead she ask her to concentrate on Jogi, his love. As today is such a big day for him, so she ask her to go for his shoot.

Jogi with Avneet and family reaches the shooting place. Jogi looks at the door as if he is looking for Mahi. He gets little nervous by looking at the shooting place. Avneet ask him not to get nervous and boosts his self confidence. He says that he is not looking for Mahi. Rupa ask him to get ready for the shooting. Mahi gathers herself and thinks about Jogi. She says that Renu di was right Jogi needs her. But still she sense an oncoming troble.

Renu and Seema takes the cab. The cab driver is driving very fast, she ask him to slow down as they were not in hurry yet he didn’t listen to her. When Renu finds that the driver is taking them on a wrong path she tries to stop the car and suddenly they meet with an accident.

Avneet takes Jogi to changing room. She tells him taht he is no less than a rockstar. She chooses dress for him and ask him to change. She gets call from that man she paid for Renu kidnapping. He shows Renu to Avneet, she is tied with rope. The kidnapper is pointing his gun towards Renu. Anveet tells her that she didn’t know how stupid she is. With a call from stranger and she is ready to go with him. Renu remembers that she doubted the voice but then couldn’t understand the trap Avneet made for her.

Avneet tells to Renu that she is in this condition just because she fired bullet on Jogi and that was not a mistake, it is a ssin. Avneet tells to Renu that she wants to punish them herself, with her own hands she wants to kill them. But today is a big day for Jogi so she cannot leave him and come to do this that’s why someone else will do this for her.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 4th-Oct-2021 Episode Written Update:

Avneet tells to Seema that she doesn’t want to hurt her but she was spying on her. She also called her mental and due to which she got the punishment from her. The same way she tells to Renu that she was becoming an obstacle in her path as well as she fired bullet on Jogi which was a sin. So she cannot spare anyone of them and she will give them death punishment. The kidnapper then fires his gun twice, Avneet hearsvthe sound of the gun on her video call. Jogi runs and comes to Avneet asking about the sound.

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