Kumkum Bhagya 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode begins with Aliya telling Rhea that she has a feeling that she will ask her to live her husband. Rhea sees Prachi packing her bag. She wonders whether she is going with them. She asks her where she us going. Prachi tells her that she is coming with them and it’s a secret. Rhea asks how can she come and who will take care of Dida. Prachi says Dida didn’t listen to her and moreover Ranbir doesn’t want to go with her not because she is the one and it’s because he has to stay away from her.

Dida comes there and says that she has denied her to tell anyone. Rhea tells her that Pallavi may didn’t like it. Dida sats that she will manage. She asks Prachi to drop Rhea first in the hostel. Ranbir cones there and Dida takes Rhea with her. Ranbir says who will give him the surprise. Prachi says you never know. Ranbir takes out a shirt to keep it in the suitcase but Prachi stops him from doing so. Ranbir says that she is hiding something. 

Mitali thinks that she has completed cooking the food. She asks Shagun to hand things to her but Shagun says that Pragya has asked them not to help her in anyway. Sushma comes there. Shagun tells her that she has cooked it in a different way and asks her whether she can cook for her to which Sushma denies saying only Pragya’s words will be heard here. She is her daughter but she can’t yet deny her. Pragya comes there and Sushma tells her that she has asked her ro cook phorage. Sushma asks what she is cooking for lunch. Mitali says Shagun has cooked tasty before and she wants her ro cook. 

Dida drags Rhea and tells her that she may keep anyone in the dark but she can’t keep her in the dark. She says that she cab make Prachi stupid, she thinks that she has changed but the truth is shd is still that old Rhea. Rhea says she doesn’t understand to which Dida asks her not to pretend. Dida asks whether she wants her to ask infront of everyone why she wants to spend time with her. Rhea says that there is nothing and she is misunderstanding. Dida says rhat she is not able to give her explanation.

She says that she can clearly see the way she is looking at Ranbir and asks her not to make her a stupid. She asks her not to test her experience. Dida says that if her doubt increases more then she may have ro talk with Siddharth and ask him to leave the house with her. Dida leaves from there. Sunaina comes to Rhea. They both hug each other. Rhea cries in her arms. She tells her that she want Ranbir. Sunaina says she knows.

Kumkum Bhagya 4th-Oct-2021 Episode Written Update:

Pragya and Sushma are walking laughing with each other. Dida comes to them. Sushma says they should have seen Mitali’s face. Dida says she sees her everyday. She does all the work but she makes faces. Pragya sata that is why she has changed the rules. She says that she will teach everyone a lesson and if they want to stay here then they have to change according to her rules and if they don’t they will get punishment. The punishment which they will remember for their life. 

Abhi wakes up from his sleep and talks with himself as to how he has saved Pragya. Pragya comes there with Dida and Sushma to which he asks them whether they came to take a look at him. Sushma says they were searching for Mitali. Pragya tells him that Dida was saying that he loves Mitali’s food. But she was saying he doesn’t. Abhi says he loves her food. Pragya asks him to eat the breakfast made by Mitali. Pragya says that they will try to provoke him and that’s why she has done it.

Sunaina asks what she is saying. She asks how did she become Kohli daughter in law. Rhea tells her it’s his big brother. Sunaina feela pity for her. Rhea says that she will get back Ranbir. She has become successful with her plan but Dida failed it. She tells her that Dida has warner her that she will tell about her intentions to everyone. The Screen Freezes On Rhea.

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