Rishton Ka Manjha 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Arjun calls Diya and tells her that she needs to learn a lot she may trained how to tackle her opponent inside the court but not outside. Diya gets confused and asks Arjun what is he saying. Arjun tells Diya that he can’t able to come inside with her inside the place where here competition takes place because he is banned player so Karan Mathur will try to poke her and bring out an reaction so that he can easily disqualify her so she needs to ignore him and his commands and she needs to focus on her game only. He further asks Diya to not to have any drinks or snacks inside the court because they never know Karan will mix up something and trap her.

He also asks Diya to be aware of her surroundings. Diya says okay. Diya’s father comes there and asks Diya who she is talking to Diya gets tensed. Arjun on the other side wonders what happened and calls Diya’s name but he didnt get any response so ge starts worrying for her. Diya’s father asks Diya to give him her phone. Diya hesitates then gives it to him. Arjun wonders why he always gets caught and puts Diya in trouble.

Diya’s father tells Diya that her mobile went off. Diya gets relieved and tells that she is watching so many videos so the battery is draining easily and puts it in the charger. Her father asks who she is talking to which Diya tells that she liked a particular saree so she decides to bought but the it’s too costly and the seller is not agreeing to the price she is asking for. Diya’s father asks Diya from when did she starts liking saree. He then tells that if she likes that saree tell him then he will buy her that. Diya asks her father to leave it saying she has so many sarees already. Diya’s father asks Diya to get ready for the Haldi ceremony saying Ajit’s family is on their way. Diya says okay.

In Ajit’s house his aunt tells that she want to see who is that one stole his heart. Then all his relatives applies Haldi on Ajit. His mother asks his sister to give this Haldi to Diya’s house and return to the house soon because they have so much work to do. Ajit’s friends and his sister tells that they will return and leaves the house. Other side Deepika and Khush goes to the temple with Haldi. Both the family’s meet each other on the road. Khush and Deepika asks them to let them go they can’t back away but Ajit’s friends mocks them and tells they wont make them way which leads a fight between both the family members.

Deepika and Ajit’s sister tries to stop the fight but the Haldi plate they hold falls to the ground. Ajit’s sister and Deepika mistakenlly takes the other person’s Haldi plate then Ajit’s sister stops the fight and both the family’s leave in their respective way. Diya’s father tells his wife that Ajit family is on their way so asks her to arrange food.

Meera obliges and leaves the place. Ajit’s sister and his friends comes to Diya’s house and gives the Haldi to Meera then when Diya’s father asks them to have sweet Ajit’s sister tells that they have so much work to do so after marriage they will have but Diya’s father says they have to say so they agrees and have sweet then leaves the house. Madhuri asks Deepika why she is so late. Deepika tells Madhuri that there is one family who is also doing puja so they got late. Both Arjun and Tina gets ready for the next part of the ritual.

Rishton Ka Manjha 4th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Niharika tells Tina that she didnt get the chance to apply Haldi on her but she will be the one who is going to do this ritual. Niharka pours water on Tina other side Deepika and Madhuri pours water on Arjun as a part of ritual. Diya comes outside to do the ritual. Diya’s aunt guides other what they have to do. Diya’s father gets emotional thinking that he can’t believe Diya is going to get marry today.

Diya’s mother takes the Haldi plate. The FB shows in which Madhuri asks Deepika to put part of the Haldi for God too. Everyone applies Haldi on Diya then they pours water on her. Diya comes to her room and thinks that she never thought she had to hide everything from her father she always wanted to give importance to both her studies and badminton. Meera comes there and asks Diya to dry her hair and get ready she have a less time for her marriage. She also tells the jewelry is selected by her father in which she will look more beautiful. She then advises Diya saying just like her for Ajit’s family too they will need time to understand her so has to be more patience also from now on for her Ajit’s family should be her priority and without Ajit’s approval she can’t do anything. Diya asks Meera just because she is getting married she needs to stop caring about her family members also not to fulfill her responsibilities how it is fair. Both Meera and Diya cries.

Meera tells Diya that she has to listen to her husband’s words after marriage. Diya’s father comes there and asks Meera to go downstairs saying Diya’s aunt wants to talk to her so Meera leaves the room. Diya’s father tells Diya that she will look more beautiful wearing all those jewelry. He also tells that he can’t believe that she is getting married in few hours. He further says that he is happy that he chose someone like Ajit who will definitely take care of her well. He then apologises to Diya for being stubborn and stopping her from doing what she likes the most but he wanted the best for her always that’s why he did all that things with her. Diya hugs her father and cries who hugs her back and asks her to forgive him if possible and cries.

Precap: Diya tells her cousin that she is worried about Arjun. Her cousin asks Diya to not to daydream saying Arjun won’t come. Nikarika informs both Tina and Arjun’s parents that Arjun is planning to leave the venue. They all gets shocked. Arjun in his room decides to leave the place through the window.

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