Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Samaira visiting Harsh and ask him that if she have some disorder in which she can harm anyone? He observes her and says that he knows she have done something and now wants to save herself from the police. He notify about her borderline personality disorder, while she requests him to give her a written report. He says that he knows she won’t hesitate to harm someone again and needs the report to save herself from the concequences. She smirks telling that he understands her well. He agrees to help her and says that he wants one thing from her. He ask her to take Kuldeep away from Shubhra, while she agrees.

Here, Kuldeep gets worried thinking about moving to Dubai along with Samaira. He shares his problem with Shubhra, while she consoles him. At that time Madhura comes there and taunts him. She prays to get rid of him as soon as possible. Shubhra declares that if Kuldeep shifts to Dubai, then they will also go there as she can’t let Samaira win over her. She requests Madhura to understand their situation and ask to forgive Kuldeep.

Shubhra says that she can’t live without Kuldeep. Meanwhile, Madhura praises Harsh and ask Shubhra to give a chance to him. Shubhra gets frustrated and says that she only loves Kuldeep and can’t give his place to anyone. Kuldeep faces Madhura and accepts his mistakes. He says that he never was a good husband or son, but now is trying to be both. He says that he can’t live without Shubhra and gives her the credit for whatever he have in his life. He declares that he can do anything to win her back and promises to clear all the hurdles. Madhura leaves from there, while Shubhra assures him.

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 4th-Oct-2021 Episode Written Update:

Elsewhere, Samaira smirks hearing Harsh’s deal and makes fun of his love for Shubhra. He says that he didn’t stopped loving Shubhra and will get her in his life anyhow. He says that he can’t stop wanting her and determines to get her. He declares that soon he and Shubhra will be together and she will only love him.

Kuldeep reaches Shubhra’s company along with her and Rishi. He stares at their family photo frame kept at side on the table and says that it will be incomplete till Madhura accepts him. Shubhra comforts him and encourages him that soon everything will be fine. She says that Madhura will also accept him.

Ahead, Kuldeep determines to win Madhura’s trust and says that he will get her blessings also. Shubhra says that Madhura never liked him and now after Sadashiv’s death she blames him for it. He says that how everyone should handle their wifes, to which she laughs and ask if he wants to keep her like that? To which he denies stating that he was talking about keeping women’s like Samaira.

Kuldeep states that he don’t want to get away from Shubhra. Meanwhile, she gets an idea from his words and says that he is very creative. She says that if Samaira will unite with Anant and Vedika them she won’t have any place for Kuldeep. She thinks about uniting Samaira with her family, while Kuldeep also smiles hearing her plan. He says that by doing so Samaira won’t trouble them and they will live like a happy family. He comes back to reality and says that it’s impossible to do it, while Shubhra determines to execute her plan.

Further, Shubhra visits Anant and ask him if Samaira is fulfill her duties as a mother? To which he replies that she is only giving money for Vedika. He serves a drink to Shubhra and says that Samaira is a kind of person who only thinks about herself and will never change. He also tells that he is happy with Vedika and doesn’t need anyone else in their life.

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