Molkki 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Sakshi tells Purvi that she is not understanding that how they are going to save Virendra without Lawyer. Purvi tells her that she would like to talk to Arjun once again. Sakshi tells her that he won’t take their case. Purvi tells her that she will try to convince him. Sakshi tells her that she will also accompany her. They gets surprised seeing Arjun with Kids. Purvi asks Arjun that what he is doing with Kids. He tells her that he will take her case. Juhi tells Purvi that they saved Arjun’s life.

Arjun praises Purvi. He promises to Kids that he will save Virendra. Kids goes to their room. Arjun asks Purvi to tell him everything from beginning to ending. She informs him everything. He tells her that he want to meet Virendra then only he can think about his next move. He tells Sakshi that she can’t accompany him because he gets irritated seeing her face. She tells him that she also don’t like him and she is tolerating for Virendra’s sake.

After some time, Arjun asks Virendra that what happened in that hotel room. Virendra tells him everything. He says to him that he didn’t had any intention to kill Daksh. Arjun tells him that, that day the latter was angry and his concentration must be on Purvi that’s why his aim missed. He says to him that the latter is angry today too. Virendra tells him that he is not angry and even in anger his aim won’t go wrong. He asks him to bring gun to prove that his aim won’t go wrong.

Arjun takes the gun from his bag and gives it to Virendra. He asks to prove him wrong. Purvi asks him that what’s happening here. Virendra takes the gun. Purvi asks him to not do anything. He asks her that from where she brought this Lawyer. He shoots the glass and tells him that his aim won’t go wrong no matter what. Arjun tells him that the latter pass the test. He says to him that someone else shoot Daksh. Purvi tells him that they didn’t saw anyone else there. He tells her that they need to go to that hotel for an enquiry. Virendra tells Purvi that Arjun is crazy. She tells him that Arjun have not lose any case till now.

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Later, Arjun and Purvi reaches the hotel. They enters the room. He asks her to tell him everything in detail. She cries recalling what happened that day and tells him everything. He checks the room and tells her that he want to recreate that scene. Purvi lays on the bed. He falls on her. She asks him to leave her.

On the other hand, Prakashi learns that Purvi went outside. Meanwhile, Purvi pushes Arjun and gets up. He holds her and tells her that he is not interested in her and he just want to know that what happened that day. He calls the waiter inside the room and makes him stand in Virendra’s position.

Precap :

Purvi informs Sakshi about Virendra’s case reopening. Prakashi decides to bribe Arjun.

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