Bigg Boss 15 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

In today’s episode starts with Day 4 at 9AM; Vishal share a talk with Pratik and advise him not to hurt his mother. He also asks Pratik not to hurt himself either. Vishal hugs Pratik

9:15AM; Big G enters the house with the scroll.

9:30 AM; Nishant and Pratik discuss about the map. Pratik says if inmates get the half map than they will decode all thus, he will keep it safe.

10AM; Simba and Ishaan talk with each other. He says first fight will happen with Jay. Ishaan agree with Simba.

10:15AM; Karan talks with Jay and others about Pratik. He says Pratik do nothing just provoke the other person. Umar agree with Karan.

10:30 AM; Karan talk with Pratik about his last night anger.

Nishant talks with Vishal, Jay and Tejasswi. Vishal says he is ready to bear impoliteness but not insult.

Afterwards, Prakash says gas is over and seek help from Shamita, Nishant. Nishant and Shamita talk with each other. Shamita asks Prakash to give the raw and she will cook and return. Tejasswi refuse to give raw. She says she will only make. Shamita says she can’t allow her to get inside the house and can cook and give back. Tejasswi and Donal refuse to give raw. Donal says inmates likes to eat food prepared by her. Shamita and Nishant disagree with Donal.

2:30 PM; Karan says to Akasa that Meisha and Pratik is trying to frame her. He advice Akasa not let them use her. Later, Donal and Tejaswwi argue with each other post former says latter didn’t support her in front of Nishant and Shamita. Donal decide not to touch the kitchen from now.

There, Karan talk with Jay, Vishal, Ishaan, Umar and Ishaan. He says he has advised Akasa about Pratik. Karan says he alert her that they can’t trust Pratik in the game.

4PM; Vidhi asks Donal to sit with her. Donal refuse to talk with Vidhi and says none can manipulate her

4:30 PM; Vidhi talks with Tejaswwi, Vishal and Jay about Donal. Other side, Meisha say to Akasa that others are forming group.

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Further, Pratik talk with Nishat and Shamita and says someone manipulated Akasa thus, she is avoiding him.

Vishal talk with Meisha and asks her if she has to choose between Ishaan and Pratik in the game than who she will choose. Meisha takes Ishaan’s name. Other side, Afsana does comedy with Shamita. She says she wants to kiss Shamita on Rakesh’s behalf.

6 PM; Vishwa sundari calls Tejasswi. Tejasswi gets excited to talk with sundari. Sundari asks Tejasswi to tell her the so far problem all are facing inside the house. Tejasswi reveal to Sundari. Vishwa decide to help the inmates. She reveal that girls can fetch back their make ups. Girls of the house gets excited.

8PM; Sahil and Donal talk with each other. Sahil claim that he can play the game but he is silert.

8:45PM; Ishaan talk with Sahil and Donal about Jay and Karan. They think Jay and Karan avoid them. Meisha cry post Ishaan, Sahil, Donal and Simba says they can’t trust former. Sahil makes a strategy against Jay and Karan.

Ahead, Bigg Boss announce about nomination task. He says since Pratik damaged the BB property thus each housemate is nominated for the week. Vishal gets angry for getting nominated because of Pratik. He adds BB can nominate him every week because he doesn’t save him but fans do. Vishal says BB is coward as he didn’t mentioned about Pratik getting physical with Jay.

11PM; Pratik says to Karan that he wants to apologize everyone. Karan says he would have come in front and would have apologized to everyone.

11:30 PM; Umar and Afsana says to Pratik that if he feeling guilty than he can return the map as a compensation. Pratik refuse to return the map.

11:45PM; Tejasswi talk with Shamita and Nishant and asks to return the map. Shamita and Nishant refuse. Tejasswi says nomination decision is unfair.

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