Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Episode starts with Meera feeling delighted watching her Prabhu in front of her in his actual form & praises him saying finally he came to meet her & he says where Meera is in trouble then her Girdhar has to be there to save or guard her but says now he has to leave & Meera asks him then when he’ll take her away & he says when this world will try to trouble her then he’ll come to take her & he leaves.

Meera sits watching his feet marks while her maid asks her what happened & where Brahman went & Meera tells her he was none other than her Girdhar himself & her maid pleads forgiveness from Prabhu for not recognizing him. The maid asks her now what she’ll do & she says she’ll devote herself there where she received boon from her Prabhu.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 5-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Meera sits on banks of river near Dwarkadhish’s temple & begins singing prayer song in devotion of her Prabhu while some women also join her to hear. Two persons arrive watching her & they too sit to hear her prayers but she stops singing saying she feels someone has arrived whom she knows & out of those two persons one of them gives their introduction telling her about their relationship with her.

They tell her they have come to take her after searching so much but she says who has become saint is nobody’s relative but then too they are adamant telling her they will take her anyhow or will not leave from here hence she says before coming with them she has to ask her Gridhar so has to visit temple first & they allow her.

Meera moves towards temple singing prayers while all of them follow her & Meera enters the temple but temple doors close & all of them wait outside for her. For lot of time Meera does not return hence all of them enter to see but find she isn’t there while the maid realizes watching her costume near Prabhu’s idol hence says her Prabhu has taken her away it seems & Meera’s relatives wonder asking her how is it possible but they too watch the costume hence believe about it & the maid praises Meera’s name joining with her Girdhar.

Meera is taken holding her hand by her Prabhu. Meera is watching beautiful surrounding in her Prabhu’s place along with lot of animals & birds silently moving around & all those people whom she was always surrounded with hence feels blessed by her Prabhu. She again gets converted into a young woman all dressed up due to her Prabhu’s miracle whom she praises. Prabhu Shri Krishna tells her he has completed her promise of coming for her & he takes her into him due to which she gets eternal blessings. Prabhu says Meera will always be known in this world as her Shri Krishna’s like Radha.

Precap :

Pushpadant prays all those God’s famous devotee’s about whom he heard from Ganeshji while he is freed from his curse coming into his actual human form. Ganeshji says to him he is freed from his curse now & his wife also feels happy. Pushpadant praises taking name of “Har Har Mahadev” & Prabhu Mahadev also smiles on his praise.

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