Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Ahilya sitting awake till the morning. She cries. Harku comes to meet her. She teases her about the night. She asks her will she come to the kitchen or not. She says I can handle the work, but if you don’t come, then others will talk, is everything okay. Ahilya says I will come,

I m okay. Harku says I m your Saas, but we had friendship since always, you can tell me if there is anything. Ahilya says there is nothing. She shuts the door. Harku gets thinking.

Ahilya sees Khanderao and cries. She thinks I know you aren’t sleeping, you are drunk, I won’t go until I get my answers. Malhar gets ready. Dwarka asks where are you going so soon. He says Parikshit has to give the test today. She says he will pass, don’t worry. He says you trust him. She says I m sure now,

Gunu ji is making Parikshit prepare for the test. He asks why. She says maybe he thought this test can end or raise the tension between Khanderao and you, if Parikshit doesn’t pass in the test, then a wall will be created between your son and you, he is seeing the tensions, Parikshit will pass the test, Khanderao will get happy and you will be contend as well. He says Gunu ji is doing a lot for me without telling me, I didn’t know.

She says its his good quality, he doesn’t tell anything, he does work to help others, he has just one wish that you serve Malwa by becoming tension free. Tukoji comes to remind him about Parikshit’s test. Malhar says call Khanderao there, I hope Parikshit passes, if not, then Khanderao shouldn’t think that I did injustice with his friend.

Tukoji says injustice can’t happen with anyone. Malhar says you and Gunu ji think so, but Khanderao doesn’t. Gangoba comes and says Nana Saheb Peshwa has sent a message for you. Malhar reads it. He says Portugal soldiers have killed a hundred of Maratha soldiers, Tukoji ask the army to be ready.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Khanderao wakes up and holds Ahilya’s hand. He talks to her. He says you should be in the kitchen, Gautama would be waiting. She says I was waiting for you to wake up. He says oh, why are you sitting away, come close. She asks how can you do this, don’t you remember anything. He asks what. She gets the wine bottle and shows him.

He says now I understand, why you look annoyed, what’s so special about it, I will drink in front of everyone, is it fine now. She says you said it easily. They argue. He says don’t try to make me please dad, I can never make him happy, at least I can be happy. She asks am I no one to you, what about my happiness. He says you are my life, my everything, there is no one imp to me than you.

She says then for my sake, leave drinking. He says this can’t happen, I can’t quit drinking. She asks not for my sake also. He says its just a habit, you accepted my music habit. She asks how can you compare music and alcohol. He asks why not, music is also intoxicating. She says it doesn’t harm anyone, but alcohol is a poison, you are a Yuvraj, you have to take care of family, people and state, if you don’t leave alcohol, then everything will be ruined. He says I can’t leave it. Tukoji comes. Khanderao asks Ahilya to go, he will meet her later. She goes. Tukoji looks at him.

Sarja meets Ahilya on the way. Ahilya doesn’t stop to talk and goes to the kitchen. Bana says Ahilya has come. She asks Ahilya to remember her work. Gautama says its fine, I have prepared the lunch. Rakma teases Ahilya. Gautama asks Ahilya is everything fine. Dwarka says I know everything, what Khanderao did at night, shall I tell everyone. Ahilya asks do you know. Dwarka says yes, I know Khanderao really well, I can see his face and know it all, Khanderao isn’t as innocent as he looks, did I say right.

Precap :

Ahilya asks Khanderao to swear, he won’t touch alcohol. He says I can’t quit drinking. She says now I have to decide and tell my wish.

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