Mere Sai 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Motilal tells Sai that there is nothing to eat at home. Everyone at home is hungry. I wonder how my family and I will survive now. Sai assures him that everything will be fine. Can you bring a big container from your home? He nods.

Officers check the godown but don’t find Maan Singh there. They begin to leave when they hear a sneeze. Officers and Sarkar turn around in shock. Officer Billy asks everyone who sneezed. Ali, Bheema and Udhav raise their hand at once which causes suspicion in the mind of Major Billy. Let’s inspect this place again. He makes the constable remove the bigger sacks from one corner. A trunk is hidden under the sacks. Sarkar’s eyes widen in shock while everyone else gets tensed.

Motilal brings a big container for Sai. Sai takes out His bowl filled with rice. Motilal wonders how his entire family will manage to eat for a week with this. This is too less. Sai advises him to have Shraddha and Saburi. Please extend your hand. He looks up and then pours the rice in the container. Rehem Nazar Sai plays. He continues pouring rice but His bowl is still full. Motilal cries seeing Sai fill up his big container with rice. You are great Sai! He bows to Sai. Sai blesses him.

Major Billy walks up to the trunk. Everyone closes their eyes. Major Billy opens the trunk and looks disappointed. Ali, Bheema, Udhav, Baizama and Patil ji are shocked to see it filled with rice. Major Billy pokes at the rice to confirm if anything is fishy. He closes the trunk angrily and walks out of there. His allies leave. Everyone wonders where Maan Singh might be as he wasn’t in the trunk. Baizama opens the trunk and they see Maan Singh. They all look at each other in shock. Maan Singh is covered in rice.

Patil ji cleans him. He fumbles. Maan Singh says I was thinking the same think. The trunk was open when I hid inside. I sneezed and thought I will get caught when rice showered on me from nowhere. Surprisingly, I was buried under rice yet there was no burden. This is a miracle. Baizama smiles. You are right. This is Sai’s magic. Maan Singh says He is not even here. How can He do this? Patil ji says He is capable of anything. Everyone chants Om Sai Ram with folded hands. Maan Singh follows their example.

Sai smiles. Allah Maalik!

Major Billy refuses to sit quietly till the time he finds Maan Singh. Sarkar suggests a plan (in mute). Major Billy likes his plan. Now all secrets of this Sai will be out in open! Sarkar smirks.

A boy looks at Rihana and Sai. Sai asks Rihana if she understood everything. She nods. Don’t worry. It will be done. The boy calls out to Sai who welcomes him. He greets Sai. I am Raghav. I have been your devotee since I was a kid. I believe in you so much that I have accepted you as my Guru without even seeing you. I have travelled for days and want to stay here as your disciple. Rihana is tensed but Sai stops her. He allows Raghav to stay with Him from today. Sleep in Dwarkamai and accompany me everywhere. You must be tired. Go and wash your hands and feet. Raghav goes.

Mere Sai 6th-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Rihana asks Sai how Raghav managed to get inside Shirdi when no one is allowed to enter or leave Shirdi. I think something is fishy. Sai says Maalik must have sent him here for a reason. Don’t worry. Everything will be as per Maalik’s wish. He looks at Raghav and smiles. Allah Maalik!

Ali, Bheema and Udhav are making the effigy again when an Officer tells them that they will search their house when they will be busy in puja. We will nab Maan Singh and take him with us. We will see what your God will do. Ali replies that their God is right here in Shirdi. You will see His strength when you will leave Shirdi empty hand. Officer asks them if their God will save a culprit like Maan Singh.

Udhav says God does not support those who shoot people for no reason. Officer laughs. It means you know what happened in Maangarh. You would also know then that we don’t change our minds. We do whatever we put our mind to. Don’t think you will win. We will catch Maan Singh even if we have to turn Shirdi into another Maangarh!

Sai comes to the godown with Raghav. Maan Singh asks Sai about Raghav. Sai introduces Raghav to them. Don’t worry because of him being here. He is a nice guy. Baizama says we haven’t seen him before. Sai says you might have gotten introduced to him today but souls recognize each other. We should trust the goodness inside people. Everyone nods.

Major Billy tells his junior that they are wasting time while planning to capture Maan Singh. His junior says he might have fled from Shirdi. Sarkar disagrees. He is right here. Major Billy asks him how he is sure. Sarkar reasons that he dint get a chance to leave Shirdi yet. I know when he will try to do that. Junior officer asks him when that will happen.

Sai says tomorrow morning. Everyone gets tensed.

Sarkar says I know that Fakir and His devotees well. I cannot accept it that Madhav wired Nanasaheb without telling Fakir. He uses elite people to manage things as per His wish. Think about it. Don’t you think it is a golden opportunity for him? No one will be at home. Maan Singh would be able to escape easily under such circumstances.

Maan Singh tells Sai this plan is dangerous. Anyone can lose their life. I cannot let it happen. Udhav shows his faith in him. We are ready to die for our country. You have guided us on the correct path after all. Baizama says nothing will happen to anyone as we have Sai by our side. She reminds Maan Singh about the incident at the godown earlier. Maan Singh nods positively.

Major Billy says let them hide Maan Singh then. Our men will be everywhere. I will see till when will that Fakir succeed. I will find Maan Singh at any cost!

Precap :

Raghav tells Sai’s plan to Sarkar and Major Billy. Sarkar pays him and asks him to leave Shirdi asap. Sarkar and Major Billy leave. Raghav turns and is startled to see Sai behind him.

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